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Storm? What Storm?

storm's a brewing

storm’s a brewing

I recently wrote about “how I calm my inner storm” for a writing challenge.  After much contemplation, I found that some of my storms weren’t so big after all.  But, I must say that when they first appear on the horizon of my brain or heart they are definitely at least an F5 or Category 4.

I tend to face life head on.  I am normally not one to cower when life sends a curve ball.  I’ve learned, by experience mostly, that I cannot necessarily change the course of a storm or even the impact it will have on me and my family.

So, when the storms form and come at me, after I react in a highly emotional way, I pull back a little and look.  I look into my heart and mind and try to see a higher perspective.  A God’s – Eye view, so to speak.

I don’t always see a different view right away.  Sometimes it comes in a calming presence of divine.  A calm that I could not have found myself.  This kind comes during great hurt and loss.  The kind of stuff that I can’t help myself at all to get through or face.

Sometimes it comes more in my head where I have to deliberately find the different perspective.  I have to actively go to a better place, to look for a different view.  That often happens when the everyday kind of storms come along.  These are the hardest for me.

Those annoying inconveniences that come out of no where.  Those water spouts or dust devils that will not tear your house down but they can make a heart uneasy and things a little messy.

So how do I stay positive from day to day or hour to hour or minute to minute?  It’s a tough job and I have decided that life is too precious to waste energy on negatives and inconveniences and bad attitudes.  It is a decision that I have to make daily and sometimes often in one day.

I have to decide to be happy and make the most of my life.  When I do that I find that everything looks brighter, even the loved ones I spend my life with.  Happiness and right choices are contagious.  I want to spread that.

It’s not easy.  My brother goes to the woods we played in as kids (in his head).  His happy place.  I like that.  For me, even though I have places like The Woods also, I tend more to picture my best Friend, Jesus, sitting there with me.  He doesn’t have to speak.  He just has to be there. Just be with me and I don’t feel alone inside.

I choose to think on the positive things.  That is challenging because I was raised to think on the negative.  As an adult I changed that.  And as I said above, it is work.  But a work that is so rewarding.

It has become a passion of mine to help others to see a different view.  I love to see another’s eyes open to a whole new view of their storms.  A positive one.  We were never promised that our lives would be butterflies, rainbows and sunshine.  So, when the rains come and the clouds get really dark we need to embrace the storm and the shelter provided for us.  The sun will shine again and the flowers will bloom and yes, the rainbows will appear.


cate b


I Can See Clearly Now ……..

Funny thing about eyesight …….. I like it.

I was using an old pair of glasses for the last six months or more.  I was using them because my most recent prescription glasses broke – really broke and were very scratched.

Now I need to tell you about the prescription.  I have been wearing progressive lens for several years now.  They help me to both see distance and read up close with no lines as in bifocals.  I adjusted quickly to them when I first started wearing them.

Well, about five years ago I got a new pair – the ones that are now scratched and broken.  Yes, five years ago.  THAT IS BAD.  I do not know why I waited this long.  I came to the place that the burning eyes, when on the computer, were unbearable.

So, head down, I walked into the local Target Optical, where I bought the last pair, and had an eye exam.  Thankfully, they did not yell at me or shame me.  I did enough of that to myself.  They did, however, already make me an oppointment for next year – without asking me.  I took that as the “yelling”.

After handing over a minor fortune – on sale, mind you – I waited for the day they came into the shop.  I sent my husband to pick them up, thinking I would go in for an adjustment when this “bug” of a cold finally left my body.  Well, a week later, bug and all, I went in to say I can’t use my iPhone or laptop – I cannot adjust my eyesight.  Haven’t posted a blog in a while .

Well, after sitting there with a lovely, young lady for about twenty minute, she realized that the original measurements taken for my eyesight to work with progressive lens, was wrong.  She re-measured and ordered new lens!  I CAN SEE!  I CAN SEE!

Moral of the story is ——- do not neglect your health in any way.  Get those eye exams regularly.

Did I mention that I CAN SEE???????


cate b


The Circle of Life

This week, a fellow blogger, Terry, lost her brother Al to a terrible disease.  She is not only his sister, but his caregiver.  My heart is with her and her family.

Also, a dear friend of mine, Jill, lost her brother to another terrible disease just this morning.  Again, a piece of my heart is with her and her family.

Death is a part of life.  The part we humans hate.   But is must happen.  Grief is both terrible and beautiful.  Those of us who have lost loved ones know what I mean.

However, when death comes it is hard.  It is uncomfortable and yes, inconvenient.  The world around us goes by as if nothing happened.  Those of us who got stopped in our daily tracks by death wonder – how can they just keep going as if nothing happened?  But life does move forward and we must, as times passes – simply because we are alive.

Babies are born everyday.  Everyday there is new life.  Everyday there is death.  It happens and even though we do not understand it, it happens anyway.

My prayers are with my friends and their families.  My prayers are with you all that have loved and lost.  Prayers that help you ride the waves of grief and let healing and comfort fill you in the days and years ahead.

May you find peace and comfort.

cate b


Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  There are so many ways people celebrate this day.  Everyone, all of a sudden, has Irish roots.  Well, I’m not here to tell you to do it different.  Scottish, Irish, American, Polish, whatever you are I wish you a day full of Hope and Love and Prosperity!

I’m sad that it has very little to do with St. Patrick………… but that’s the way of most holidays.  As a kid I had no clue what it was, other than I HAD to wear green or I would be pinched by some mean boy at school.  As an adult I see it as another reason for many to fill the bars and get really drunk.  I think it’s gone a bit extreme to the original meaning.

But for me, I love to give you a blessing.  The blessing of the Irish (or Scottish).  Last year I posted a few Celtic Blessings that I made up and want to pass them onto you again with one or two added.


This one is Irish/Scottish:

“May the wee bairns of the loch be ever with you
and may the wee folk of the clover
never darken the doors of your emerald hut”

“May the cry of the banshee never drift across the waters
and darken the gates of your shamrock garden”

“May the potatoes of your field forever fill your bellies
and may your grains produce much stout”

“May the lucky stars and rainbow marshmallows
forever fall into your pot o’ gold each mornin’”

“May the cleansing mist rolling o’re the Loch Gently quench your thirsty heart”                                                                                                                                                                              

Enjoy! Be safe!

cate b



I Won’t Stay Inside No More!

March in the mid-west began rather snowy and icy.  But now it is coming slowly into spring time and we cannot stay inside any more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Go outside.


cate b

Sea Gulls!


Finally – Outside in the Mid-West!

Today is a true promise of Spring here in the Kansas City area.  Warm, spring-like air and blue skies.

And I found Seagulls!  That is very exciting for me, having come from the east coast and only saw them a couple of times over the last five years.

Enjoy!  Spring is on it’s way!

cate b


Dreaming of True Love’s Kiss? (SPOILER ALERT)

My grand daughter had me sit through the movie, Frozen, about four times last week.  I didn’t mind.  It is a great movie, slightly different from the typical meet Prince Charming and get the True Love’s Kiss to save you from an evil demise.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the typical fairy tale plot of falling in love at first sight and waiting and dreaming of True Love’s Kiss.  Works every time.  Enchanted is one of my most favorite Fairy Tale movies.

You know what is going to happen in each one.  Wicked witch or evil serpent or poison apple – it’s pretty much a given that something will happen to the Princess, and the charming Prince will save the day with a Kiss.  I love it.

But in Frozen there is a plot twist.  An unexpected end to the curse.  I love it more!  When that adorably funny snowman, Olaf, explains to Anna what True Love is, and then …….. it twists again to a bind of deep, true love between sisters; family!

Love, Love it!  It is so refreshing to watch this with my grand daughter, who has a sister now, and tell her things about sisterly love and family ties.  Of course, she is only two and a half and I’m not sure what she is getting from this, but I do know that she gets the “sister” part and she even implied that she, herself, was Elsa.  Too cute.

Here is Olaf explaining to Anna about True Love………. I won’t post the ultimate True Love video —- watch the movie, you will love it.


cate b


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