In The Waiting Room

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On the eve of our holiday in America – Thanksgiving – my thoughts have turned to, not only the things I’m waiting for, but to all of you who are waiting for an answer from God.

May you have a breakthrough.  Soon.  From one who has lost and waited and ………..

May you find His goodness…………  He is always good.

May you find His perspective……….. He sees all.

May you find peace …………….. He is peace.

May you feel His love …………. He is Love.

May you find amazing Grace …………… He is full of Grace waiting to give it to you.  It is a sweet sound.

Enjoy! He is closer than you may realize.

Cate B

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This coming Thursday, in the USA, is Thanksgiving Day.  It represents the beginning of the Christmas season and a day to be thankful.

Most seem to celebrate by gathering with loved ones and feasting on a wonderful roasted (or fried or tofu-ed) turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce and pies and rolls and………. whatever food you love.

Others celebrate by shopping for Christmas.  I did the major day after sale thing (aka Black Friday) only once.  I. Will. Never. Do. That. Again.

I’m not a great shopper.  That means that the task is not pleasant to me.  Online shopping is wonderful.

Back to Thanksgiving.  It is a time to be thankful. Well, it’s always time to be thankful. But this is the season that more people give thanks than normal.

Today I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus.  He is my best Friend and always good.

I am thankful for my Family, and that includes the Friends that have become my family also.  I have the best sons and daughters and grandkids a person could possibly ask for.  I am thankful for my husband – even though he broke my favorite mug – he is the best for me.

I am thankful for my health and for my future.  I am expecting mighty things to come to pass.

I am thankful for the one daughter I gave birth to and lost too early in life.  BUT – I truly am thankful to have been her mom and known her.  The memories I have are amazing.

Giving thanks, in general, brings smiles and peace to your heart.  It’s a good practice and I believe opens the windows and doors to a better life no matter what your circumstances.

May your mouths and hearts be full of thankfulness this season and always.  Give it a go!  You may be surprised how your perspective changes over time.



Cate B

Tea Time

It’s a gorgeous day in The Burg.  Not a cloud in the sky after two days of rain. The air is crisp and clear.  Nothing like a little walk around town and then a treat.

I love treats.  I try to space them out so they can truly be a treat.  If done too often then I take them for granted.  Treats are much more enjoyable when they are not regular and maybe a bit spontaneous.

It’s been very serious in the social media realm this past week or two.  Many things to ponder.

So today’s treat was welcomed.  Not to forget the things in the world but to help get perspective.  A perspective of Hope and a broader view.  A God’s – Eye view.

So Penny June and Papa and me took a stroll and saw things through the eyes of a child.  Wonderment.

Penny June in awe
Penny June in awe


Ice tea and cinnamon bun – PJ ate her cookie at a rapid speed.  A great morning at Old Drum Coffee House.


Cate B

Round and Round

I grew up in the north east of the USA.  We had many traffic circles.  When I became a driver I thought they were awesome.  Then slowly they began to disappear.

We moved to the mid-west about seven years ago and lo and behold…… mini-traffic circles seemed to appear in the oddest of places. By that I mean on roads less traveled and they call them Round-Abouts…….



Life goes round and round and round in a circle game…..

Have a great weekend!


Cate B

and another cuppa………

Hey!  If you were coming over today to visit with me I would offer you a fresh cup of coffee – or tea – in a Pioneer Woman Mug – and cut you a slice of warm Apple Pie….


After we stuffed ourselves we would probably talk about the weather.  It sure was windy yesterday and warm for November.  Much cooler today and more on track for  our location.

The conversation begins to shift and I can share with you how things are getting much better here in The Burg for me.  I really like it here.  I don’t see too many people outside the home but that is changing.  We spent some time with a friend who became a brother the other day.  I saw a whole new side of him that I didn’t see as clearly before.

I love when that happens, don’t you?  I’m a bit of an observer (not the kind in Fringe).  I try really hard to listen to people as they talk.  I tend to hear between the words – their hearts.  Not always.  It can be hard and a bit foggy at times.  I know I can be a bit guarded.  I don’t always want people to see too much.  That’s not always good.  It has to go two ways if you want deeper relationships.  Step out on a limb, take a risk, let some walls down.  Trust………

Ugh, there’s another one of those “get out of your comfort zone things“.

Another slice of pie?  Can I warm your coffee?

I could tell you I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week.  No kids to watch (as much as I love them), sleeping a little later, watching a holiday movie that doesn’t involve princesses, Tinker Bell or Octonauts.  It will be a week of baking for the holiday.  More pies, a cheesecake, some homemade rolls.

Back to relationships.  They are so much harder these days than when I was younger.  More people work outside the home.  Computers and smart phones have become so much of our socializing.  But this getting together in person and enjoying pie and coffee with the company of each other, is really a good thing.  It’s a slow process to get to know each other.  Looking for our similar likes and dislikes. That just means that we need to do it again.  Maybe Cinnamon Rolls next time!

If there is a next time.  What do ya say?  Am I worth it?  Are you worth it?  I say yes, you are worth getting to know.  I hope you think I am………

Till next time…….. Enjoy!

Cate B

Lovely Rita???

I’ve always had a bit of “What the heck, why not do that?” type of spirit in me.  Funny thing is that I was extremely timid and terrified to speak much less do crazy things.

I’m not talking about jumping off buildings or airplanes and other such physical feats.  I’m talking more about comfort zones.  The older I get I think the good Lord uses these situations to get me out of my hiding places.

Here is one such story:

I was minding my own business working as a high school secretary at a small private school.  It was frustrating and a bit boring for me.  I cried out to God regularly.  The pay was way too low for all the frustration that came along with the job.

One day, while I was being trained on the computer for my position, a man walked into the office and said to me and the administrator, “Hey.  Know anyone who would like a part-time/temporary job typing?”  My co-worker looked at me and then at him and she said no.  He said it paid ten dollars an hour.  I said I’ll do it.

Well, I asked where and he told me one of the local Police Departments.  One of the secretaries was ill and they were behind on typing statements for the detectives.

What have I got to lose?  I was told to go the the PD and have an interview first.  You have to understand that I knew nothing about police.  I came from the hippy movement where they were not so affectionately referred to as pigs.  I never had a ticket or an arrest.

I found myself sitting in a tiny foyer waiting for my interview.  It smelled like gun oil.  A woman in uniform  popped her head out of a door and said they would be with me in a minute.  I almost ran.  I was way out of my comfort zone.

I was escorted into the tiniest, most cluttered office for two people that I have ever seen.  The officer who told me about the job was no where to be found.  I sat before a woman Chief of Police and a Captain.

It was awkward for both of us.  They basically sized me up and felt I was great for the job.  So I proceeded to interview them.  Then, the Chief said I had the job but wanted to tell me one thing.  It went something like this:

“Because of the nature of police work, well, it kind of puts a, well, sort of stress….. Our stress level can be high and therefore we, well, we say things like, uh…….”

I ended her thought process with “you curse a lot?”  She said,  “Yes.  Is that a problem?”

I realized the man who told me about the position told them I was a Christian.  Apparently they were concerned about the curse thing.  I then told her, “No problem here.  Quite understandable.”  I watched her shoulders drop as she let out a deep breath.

Little did I know what this job would lead to.  At first I came in in the evenings and popped on a set of headphones and situated a foot pedal under the desk and figured out really fast how to work a dictaphone.  Night after night I would listen to interviews between detectives and victims or subjects.  AKA Perpetrators.  AKA slime balls…….. you get the picture.

The thing about detective statements is that every word must be typed (they have since moved to audio for most cases).  These statement will be filed away into case files and some used in court for the harder cases.

Let me tell you that I heard things I wish I hadn’t and I even heard things I couldn’t spell or even knew what they meant.  I just knew I didn’t want to know.  The best thing was…… I had the ability to delete from my thoughts most of what I heard by the time I got home each night.

Well, as time went on it began to be difficult to do both jobs.  A few months later the same man came to my office at the school and asked if I would consider being a summer cop.  What the?  I looked at him and asked if he knew how old I was?  He said no but continued on.  After I said yes he told me I would have to go to the Police Academy for ten days.  What?

Long story short I found myself in men’s khaki uniform with a tie, sitting up front in a classroom full of 18-19 year olds learning how to do…. something.  I was handed a PR-24 night stick and a can of pepper spray and learned how to use them and was peppered sprayed myself and handcuffed and……….. arg.  All this training to walk around our little beach town in the summer and check for expired parking meters.

Yes.  I became a full fledged Class I Police Officer – AKA – Meter Maid.  Oh, and did I tell you I was fifty-one years old and menopausal?  Yup.  Out of comfort zone??  I’ll show you out of comfort zone!

I quit my boring, low pay school job and went for it.  After summer I became a school crossing guard and then back to the academy, as a civilian, to learn 911 Dispatching.

Then sadly, the secretary passed away and they offered me the full-time Records Clerk job.  Ahhh.  8am-4pm five days a week.  Health benefits for the family and paid holidays and sick days.  I loved it.

All this to say that if you truly want to do something, you can.  I wasn’t looking for this.  Some of the more narrow minded officers thought I was a woman’s advocate and wanted to prove I could do anything a man can do.  Good grief.  I am for a lot of woman’s rites but I know I can’t or don’t want to do everything a man can do.

And then there were the officers who became my friend and even looked out for me.  What a great group of people, police officers.  I know there are some out there who aren’t. But I’m talking about those who are amazing men and women who really care about people and do their best to help above and beyond the call of duty.

So when the day came where we lost our daughter, who was the first to respond?  Yes, the officers I worked with.  They were amazing.

So go ahead and step out of your comfort zone.  It’s never easy.  I still cringe when I have to come out of hiding.  But embracing the uncomfortable is an amazing feeling of accomplishment.  I know that because of that job I am more of the person I was meant to be.  I also know I touched lives there in ways that no one else could.

I encourage you to jump in when the prompting comes.  Life is an adventure!  You CAN do it!

standing on the corner stopping cars - a beach run that day - runners first!
standing on the corner stopping cars – a beach run that day – runners first!
Local paper thought it fun to take my pic! Not sure they liked me......
Local paper thought it fun to take my pic! Not sure they liked me……


Cate B

Let’s Have Another Cuppa………..

A fellow blogger started posting “if we were having coffee……….” on her blog site now and then.  She starts off by stating the above and goes off from there about what you would possibly talk about.  I thought it was such a great idea.

Since I like my site to be a place that is homey and warm I thought I’d do that now and then from the standpoint of what I stated in my “About” page: “I call this “Let’s Have Another Piece of Pie” because to me, pie represents more than a piece of incredible sweetness, but a moment of bliss with people you love.  It brings to me a type of peace that flows and flutters around a room of nostalgia and contemplative thoughts – even if I’m alone at the moment.  Add a piece of good home-made pie to those moments and you’ve got a recipe for joy!”

With that in mind, I actually made a pie yesterday.  A savory pie.  A Chicken Pot Pie as we call them in the USA.

So, if you came to my house, I would set a place for you and cut you a great piece of this pie and I would tell you how happy I am to have you with me.  I would also tell you how I tend to be a homebody and rarely make the initiative to get together with people that I love.  That is a downfall for me.  But when I get together I just love it and reflect back on what a great time I had and my heart gets encouraged by the company.

I would pour you another cup of coffee or tea and ask how you have been.  I really want to know.  And how about those Kansas City Royals?

I would not bring up politics and hope that you wouldn’t – that just gets me in a tizzy!

More pie?  Then I would tell you about my grand daughters that I care for while the kids attend University.  I would tell you that I love being a part of their upbringing and giving them a safe and secure second home.  I would also tell you that it is hard and some days I feel like I’m not doing anything for the greater good.

I know you would comfort me and encourage me and I would be looking forward to more times like this together with you.

So, next time I may just make a sweet pie.  So much more fun with coffee.  Thank you for coming by…….


cate b