Let's Have Another Piece of Pie

Sometimes life cries out for a nice break from the daily routine …… a pie break, a taste of sweetness.


More Views Around The Burg

As some of you know, I post about the area I live in, known fondly as The Burg.  Check out some of my other explorations.

We moved here the end of July, 2014.  Small town, mid-west USA.  The Heartland of America.  I love small towns.  But I do like a little convenience.  The Burg is great is that way.  We even have a University here (UCM) and that makes for a touch of youth.

While driving out in the surrounding countryside of this area, we came across the town of Chilhowee, Missouri.  Talk about small town.

I’m sure the people in Chilhowee are wonderful people.  The mid-west is good that way.  But I do get sad when I see buildings empty – I imagine better times. Hopefully it’s a happy town.  The school there looks awesome and speaks of pride and accomplishment.

Hats off to Chilhowee!


cate b


It’s Time To Get Busy

I checked back into my past posts looking for this one: I’m Writing a Book.  Turns out I wrote it and posted it in 2010.  Say what?  Where does the time go?

I had every intention of publishing by now, but I also have intentions of procrastination.  Yup, I do.

I see so many writers whip out books and publish them quickly.  Look, I’m not opposed to publishing or writing many books.  However, seeing so many do the self publishing caused me to step back and look at my motives.  For me, I tend to want to be noticed.  To “be somebody”.  So, rather than join the crowd of self publishers, I tend to weigh it out way too long.  In some ways that is bad because it gives me a lot of time to talk myself out of it.  On the other hand, it gives me more time to reevaluate my motives and intentions and evaluate the subject of my book.

That being said, I almost ditched the whole project.  The intention of the book was a topic that is in abundance out there in the reading world.  So who am I to add to a plethora of a certain subject?

The Beauty of Waiting……. I had an epiphany the other day.  I knew, without a doubt, I needed to change the direction of my book. I didn’t just want to dump into print my tragic story.  It was and is tragic in some ways.  But I find that when people know of our tragedy it hinders them knowing the real us or me.  They already form a picture of our family based on what we had to go through.  Some even take it on as their own grief and I, the griever, resent that.  It’s mine, not yours.

So, I am working now on changing our life-changing-experience to one of hope and love.  That way the reader can see how one person (or one family) made it through and continues on.  How life’s disappointments, however big or small, can change us and cause us to be a deeper soul.  A regular human being gleaning all they can out of life’s journey.

I may sound a bit mysterious.  I do that on purpose because I want you to buy the book.  Of course I do.

So stay tuned for the release of Butterfly Tattoo.

I am wishing you all well on your writing journeys, whether it be your blog, your articles or your books.  We all have a story to tell.


cate b




Who I Am 2015

Here we are at the beginning of 2015.  I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions.  I know enough about me to know I will never follow through. So, my goal for this year is to continue on.  To get up and continue with the things I know I should be doing and were doing in 2014 and to look for the new things I should be doing.

This blog is one thing I am sure about.  Sure in the fact that I should and I want to do this.  This thing called Blogging.

I absolutely love it when I hit the publish button and there it is for the world to see.  It is such a great feeling of accomplishment.  And I would be lying if I said the number of views do not matter or the number of likes or even comments do not mean a thing.  Heck yes they do!  To me.  I am artistic and along with that comes a bit of the old fear of rejection and the I want to be noticed because I have something to say syndrome (note:  I made up this syndrome.  If there is such a thing then I am self-diagnosed – but I am a middle child).

I am thankful for the followers that I have.  I’ve made some close friends over the last year or two.  One of my goals in blogging is to meet more people.  To meet people who want to hear my heart and who need to  hear my heart.

We all have something to say.  Finding it is a key.  I started adding more photos, that I took this last year, to my blog and add little stories or words to go with them.  I love to take photos.  I noticed that I have new followers from a totally different genre who like photography.  That is good for me because I love variety.

As I state in my About post, “I call this “Let’s Have Another Piece of Pie” because to me pie represents more than a piece of incredible sweetness, but a moment of bliss with people you love.  It brings to me a type of peace that flows and flutters around a room of nostalgia and contemplative thoughts – even if I’m alone at the moment.  Add a piece of good home-made pie to those moments and you’ve got a recipe for joy!”

That sums it up, sums me up.  I’m on a journey of heart sharing and look so forward to another year of doing just that with who ever wants to join me.


cate b





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