Road Trip

OK, this week we pack a vehicle, luggage, map and a LARGE puppy to head to a coastal location to visit family and other such busy-ness.  I’m excited!  A road trip!  YES!

I hate driving.  I hate public restrooms. I hate eating an abundance of fast food with it dripping down the front of me. But I love a road trip every couple of years or so.

One that I remember well was quite a while ago now.  We decided to take a vacation and visit family – a long over due necessity.  We were going to travel from one coast to the other with a family reunion in between.  It was July I believe or maybe closer to August.  First stop was the family reunion in Idaho!  Up near Sun Valley.  And camping!  Did I say I hate camping?

We own zero camping equipment other than a few K-Mart sleeping bags.  But no worries, in-laws had a tent ready and waiting for us.  So, we arrived in this idyllic setting in the mountains of Idaho complete with lake – freezing – and lots of trees.  Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE the mountains and lakes and woods and dirt.  I HATE to sleep in it.  I love the fresh air and the cold – but I am the person that Winnebago’s were made for – that campers on wheels were designed to house.  Tents?  Well, I nice idea but not for this Jersey Girl!

So, in our little seven passenger station wagon and 4 children, did I say 4 children, we set out for our journey.  Road rules:  NO ONE  CAN ASK,  ARE WE THERE YET?  This rule works pretty well if we add, “We’ll give you a dollar if you do not ask that question along with, I’M BORED and HOW FAR IS IT NOW?

At the camp ground we were surrounded by relatives we didn’t know – even thought perhaps we were at the wrong reunion – showed to our tent and settled in for the festivities.  The kids all found cousins their own ages and were gone.

A few hours into this experience our 3rd son was found sitting on the steps to the only cabin at this site looking somewhat afraid.  I asked what was wrong, he at first said, “Nothing”, then when prodded a little more he simply stated, “I don’t want Beaver Fever”.  I asked what made him think he would get Beaver Fever?  He said, “That lady told me”.  “What lady?”  Then she appeared  –  “cousin” who was the mother of the child he decided was a friend.  “They were drinking out of a spigot.  I told them they would have Beaver Fever by morning.  No big deal, diarrhea, etc.” , and she walked away.  I had two choices at that point:  To jump her and pull her hair out OR turn back to my petrified child and console him and convince him that it would not happen to my child.  By the look on his face I believe he thought a night of extreme hair growth and a flat tail extending from his buttocks would be imminent.

Well, neither happened – much to my relief.  The only problems while sleeping in the tent was frozen m&ms in the morning.  FROZEN in the middle of summer.  Another reason not to “camp” added to my list.

After goodbyes and warming up we hit the road for the rest of our journey.  It was great.  We had a wonderful time with family and headed back across our beautiful nation.  Except on the way home, where we stopped in Ohio, we had to “bleach” the horseshoe crab carcasses due to smell of death and maggots.  But other than that all was well.

So, this trip is just hubby and puppy!  Can’t wait.

Author: Cate B

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