Hayley Mills

I am so thankful to God for my dog.  I can’t remember when I first desired to have this breed of dog.  I just feel like I “always” wanted one.  I know I wanted this breed back in the late 90s when we bought a house.  But, my kids and my husband insisted that a Siberian Husky was definitely the way to go.  So, we drove about 2.5 hours to the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania and bought a 3 month old Husky.  He was equally afraid of me as I was of him.  But 13 years later when we had to put him down we reminisced of his life with us.  I loved him.  He was beautiful, faithful, somewhat obedient (when he wanted to be), never sick a day in his life and brought us 13 years of joy and love.

Now you may be wondering what kind of dog I wanted.  I wanted an Airedale Terrier.  I don’t think I ever met one until about 6 years ago and that was after a long time desire to have one.  I guess somewhere I saw pictures of those dark brown teddy bear eyes.

I even asked our vet about the breed and he told me they are very difficult dogs.  He said they needed a lot of training and it had to be early on or forget it.

It was after viewing an episode of the Gilmore Girls – the one where Lorelei adopted a dog and named him Paul Anka (after the 50s-60s singer) that I announced that I wanted an Airedale Terrier named Hayley Mills after my favorite childhood actress.

Well, November of 2009 I brought home an 8 week old Airedale named Hayley Mills.  It was love at first sight.  This dog has made me laugh and made me cry because of pure love for each other.  She is by far the smartest dog I’ve ever had and there are moments I really think she is human.  Those beautiful teddy bear eyes are deep and speak a thousand words and have totally won us over.

I do thank my God for her.  I feel I was given a gift and a fulfilled dream when I brought her home.  Dogs are truly one of man’s best friends.


Author: Cate B

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