School Days

Sigh. For some unconscious reason I check out my High School page on Facebook from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I actually remember some of the names of classmates and a fleeting thought of sweetness passes through my mind. Then I realize I really never “knew” them.

We had a “huge” class back then. Was really quite impossible to have known them all. Not to mention that I should have gotten the title – “World’s Best Wallflower” – if they had that one. I was pretty pathetic. Those who know me now I’m sure are wondering what I’m talking about?? I’ve come a long way, baby!

If any of my fellow classmates from MTHS should read this, please, do not take this personally – you probably don’t even remember me so there are no hard feelings.

Through most of HS I had 2 good friends. HS is pretty intense. So much to be concerned about – style, hair, homework, grades, friends or no friends. Boy! I’m so glad it’s way behind me now. WAY behind me!

After reading a few posts on my HS page in FB today it triggered some memories and I saw some pics of an old friend. I started to think, by looking at their pics, that they looked rather successful and fantastic and totally happy with their life. I started to wonder what I’ve done with mine! Arg! Nothing! Or so it felt at the moment…….

Actually, I’m quite happy. I’m married to the same guy for 37 years. My children are wonderful adults living wonderfully happy lives and married to fantastic women (last one to marry June 27th)! Then there are the grandkids! 3 great boys back east and a new girl here near me. Ahhh, this sounds better all the time.

And me? I do the things I love to do. I get to travel now and then, I read a lot, I write, I fiddle with art work and music, I have great friends who actually KNOW me, I love the great outdoors and my awesome dog and I’m learning to ride horses! Wow. I feel pretty good right now.

How about you? Can you say you’re happy and satisfied with who you are? Or do you know yet who you are? It took me a while to know me. It wasn’t until our third child came along that I began to see who it is that our God created. Childhood was an adventure and a lot of kinks came along the way. Sometimes we don’t fully discover who we are till much later in life. That’s OK – never give up. Always continue forward ever learning more and more about yourself and others.

I love adventures and I love mysteries so I look forward to learning more and more about me!


Author: Cate B

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