Pirate or Ninja?

You know how Facebook has those “tests” you can take to see if you are a variety of things?  Yes, I have taken some of them – I have to admit they CAN be kind of fun.  Why not?  I realize they don’t make a lot of sense and I also realize I can put any answer I want and most likely have the same results.  I also realize that some are created by a foreign group of people that have a little trouble translating them into English – the English we speak.  Those are very funny. ( for fun go to engrish.com  )*

My favorite “test” so far has been the one where you discover if you are a “ninja” or a “pirate“.  I am very proud to announce that I am all ninja – however, there are days that I feel very pirate.  Those “arg” kind of days.  Those days where the victorious, over coming, you beat the crap out of that enemy, kind of day just isn’t happening!  Those are pirate days.  The good thing about the pirate days is that you are still a ninja – really – that ninja is still very much alive on the inside.  You just need to stop, think (pray a lot) and let the ninja in you rise up to full form and then you’re fine.

I’m already feeling more like the ninja that I “tested” to be.


*In no way am I criticizing any cultural groups.  Please do not take offence.  Especially you pirates. 😉

Author: Cate B

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One thought on “Pirate or Ninja?”

  1. I am both. In college I was part of a secret not really organized movement called the good ninjas, which did random acts of kindness (that were sometimes obnoxious), sometimes dressed like ninjas…

    And my big sister group were the Panthers of the Caribbean (picture a pink panther with an eye patch and a kerchief and you’ve sort of got it) and we sang the Veggie Tale song “Pirates who don’t do anything.” So I am both.

    Ah, college.

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