What Kind Of Cake Do You Make For A 1 Year Old?

It’s Lucy’s FIRST birthday!  Lucy is our lovely grand-daughter that I have had the privilege of caring for the past year while her parents are becoming college graduates.  Like any caring parent they have carefully chosen healthy foods for her to eat. And like any strong-minded, confident person, Lucy has decided what she likes and doesn’t like.  Just started liking baby cereal a couple of months ago, been enjoying mashed black beans and avocados like they were chocolate with a bit of baby veggies or fruit thrown in.  She loves grilled cheese or quesadillas.  Scrambled eggs has been a favorite for quite a while now – with cheese is better.  Oh, and speaking of cheese – well, chunks of cheese are great.  You would think the child was born with an entire set of teeth – but to this day she only has two front top teeth and one front bottom.  But she can gum down a grilled cheese sandwich like there was no tomorrow.

I confess I have given her a couple of Vienna Fingers here and there (I have grandparent rights).  But the topic of birthday cake comes to mind …….

I really don’t recommend setting a LARGE completely chocolate covered cake in front of a 1-year-old ……. as seen in the YouTube video of a sweet girl named Lucy (no relation) – I have to admit it is very funny – but disturbing – watch it 😉

So, I searched and searched.  You don’t want the first cake experience to be totally healthy ( ***please – anyone with dietary or strong convictions on what you feed your child I really do respect that and am in no means mocking or telling you to do otherwise – as I’m sure you won’t tell me I’m wrong either***).  And you really may not want to totally give your babe an overdose of sugar.

I chose The Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake.  Lucy loves strawberries.  That’s my reason. Oh!  And I adore Ree Drummond – she truly is my current hero.  You can find the recipe on her website thepioneerwoman.com

As I type, the cake is in the oven, the strawberries are cut and “soaking” in sugar to extract the juices, the cream cheese for the frosting is softening in the delightful warm spring air (more like summer) and I’m thinking about eating PIE!  Peach raspberry to be specific.

But here is the cake – the finished product!

And the following is the process: The Recipe

The Ingredients

The “Resting” Orchid that is “resting” way too Long!

The Strawberries

I decided to use my hand blender on the strawberries since a toothless child was to be eating this.  Soaked really well into the cake!

The Frosting – the vanilla is a mexican blend – yummy

It weighed a ton!

Did Lucy like her cake – well, she was a “Lady” when she ate it.  But the adults – all six of us – LOVED it!  I highly recommend this recipe.  And for the next 2 days it got even better!



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