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I’ve had a heavy heart all week.  Our daughter’s birthday was last Saturday, the 27th of October. She would have been 36 years old.

But that is not the entire reason for my heavy heart.  We still wish her a happy birthday and she is in our thoughts all day long.  But this year Hurricane Sandy came with a vengeance upon the north east coast of America.  Our oldest son and wife and kids (He wrote the last blog I posted) live in the area that was predicted to receive a direct hit from this horrific storm.

We prayed like crazy for protection and for winds to shift.  They packed bags and left the area to go to a friends.  They were safe and received minimal damage.  As a matter of fact I found out that the wind did shift slightly that night and hit further north as we all saw on our TV sets.  That is where my heavy heat comes in.

I cry when I see devastating events fall on my fellow human beings.  I don’t wish this on my greatest enemies and am greatly saddened over some political posts I’ve seen where people wish it would hit Washington, etc.  I say that those posting such thoughts do not know what they are saying.  No one deserves such heartache and loss.  And I believe they didn’t realize what they were wishing.  I also feel totally helpless.  I’m far from the needs that have risen back there and I just have to pray.  So many are heart broken – of course.  Some may not even be able to rebuild on the property they loved and felt safe and at home just a little over a week ago.  I’m warm and dry and have food and clothing.  So many don’t right now.

Our daughter lost her life in a natural disaster.  It was of such a smaller magnitude than 9-11, Katrina, Joplin, MO and now Hurricane Sandy – but not to us or those who were involved.  The homes that were lost in La Conchita, California in January of 2005 have not even been rebuilt and probably never will.  People have relocated and are trying to go on with their lives.  Seems only a few even remember that day.  Most people we meet didn’t know it happened.  That’s Ok with me.  What isn’t Ok is that I should ever take loss of other lives and properties too lightly.  I’m not saying you all need to think like me – but think.  Think of others and the things they have had to endure.  Most people have experienced loss to some degree or other and it’s hard for everyone of them.  Many have learned to keep it private so we never know what they’ve had to endure.  I understand that to some degree.  It’s MY grief, it’s MY loss and I don’t always want to share it with others.  But I’ve found sharing it has mostly brought out their losses and grief and it’s totally beneficial to us both.  THAT is a good thing.

My perspective changes when these bad things hit the news. Heck, my perspective changed when we lost our daughter!  Suddenly some things are not so important any more.  I do believe it is OK to desire “things” – big houses, nice cars, etc.  But when great loss becomes a reality I tend to look at my life and my view changes.  I reflect on what I think is most important and what are the things I really want and need.

This is where my Hope and Faith play a big part.  The God I love and serve, Jesus Christ, offers me a security that no home or job or other human can bring.  It goes deep.  God the father gave his son, Jesus to us.  To make a way for us to be with him.  It cost him great pain to watch the people that he loved beat and kill his only son.  It gave him great joy on the resurrection to make a way for us.  He understands loss.  He never promises us a life of no pain or loss.  But he does promise us hope and love and a relationship that never goes away.  He is truth and I am grateful.

My prayers are for those who lost this last week.  For those who are in the midst of such a devastation and may be feeling helpless.  For the first responders and neighbors of so many.  Know that God is aware and it is he who can carry us through.  Know you are loved.

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  1. Hello Cate,

    If I said you have a good heart, that would be the understatement of eternity. You are just too amazing for any adjective.

    I pray for your daughter’s soul and I pray for continued peace and happiness to you and your family. The world is filled with amazing people who have a spotless heart and you are testimony to that.

    With immense love and adulation,

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