ABM = Acronyms Bug Me

We all think differently, a different perspective to us all.  I’m glad.  If we all thought the same way life would be pretty boring.

My husband and I are good examples of this.  We can both look long and hard at a bowl of fruit and he sees food,  I see each individual fruit in the bowl and what can be done with them.  I

I once had to take a test after a training session.  The training was how to use a PR24 – aka night stick – I did alright but I kept getting my left and right mixed up but understood the basics of how to use one (whether that training would come to mind in a real life situation was debatable – point and swing was more like it).  The test was on paper and had a diagram of a PR24:

pr24_tech monadnock-pr24

The photo with the lines and words was similar to the test I took – but my test, I swear, had many more lines and angles.  I scored the lowest in the class, but passed.

What I saw when the paper was handed to me was a night stick with GEOMETRY all over it.  Lines and angles and panic!  I hated geometry and barely passed it in high school.  It’s the way my brain processes – or doesn’t process it – total panic, No comprende!  I think if they had given me an oral test with PR24 in hand I would have done better.  Or put in into Algebraic equations – loved Algebra.

So that brings us to acronyms.  I hate them.  I cannot process them immediately.  I stare at them and try to figure out the puzzle.  Ugh!  It’s so hard for me.  I get a few ( like IHOP – the pancake people) but when I use them people look at me as if I am speaking a foreign language.  Welcome to my world.

I once attended a church that loved acronyms.  In the morning announcements they would use at lest 5 in a small paragraph.  I couldn’t solve the mystery so I never joined any of their extra groups.  How could I?  I could not speak the language.I actually google them now when people post them in Facebook or emails so I don’t appear too stupid.
Hey, I have an idea, why not speak full words so we don’t have to wonder what the heck is being said in a conversation or so we don’t have to pretend we know what is being said.  Hmmm.  Just a thought.

keep-extending-yourself_~k2929518 acronym-key-blackboard_~k8609797 key-acronym-_~k8202416                 KEY = Just take it out of your pocket and open the door!!!

I rest my case.

cate b

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