Brain Fry

I’ve posted before about how I love technology.  BUT I am by no means a wiz at it.  I am 61 years old and I must say I do know more than most of my friends – but on the other side I know nothing compared to hardcore or even soft-core techies..

That said, I decided to put a translate button on my blog.  I thought it would be easy.  HA.  I went to a page that was recommended to me only to sit there reading the step by step instructions followed by my mouth hanging open and drool forming in pools on the table – slight exaggeration.  My head began to fill up with – I assume air – and felt like an explosion was about to happen.  After I pulled myself together and thought – I can do ALL things through Christ……. – I read it again…. and again…. only to find out it wouldn’t work for me.  After googling some more – TADA!  Success.  I think.  If my post is in another language – one that you didn’t request – please let me know.

I just wonder why this techie stuff has to be in an entirely different language???????  I feel pretty smart anyway, now that I have The Button on my page.


cate b.

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