Don’t Call Me Grandma

I’m a grandmother.  Three of my grandchildren call me Uma.  The fourth one calls me Mammy.  Call me anything but Grandma.  I think that is because my grandmother, the one I knew, was old.  Times were different.  Most grandparents were older than they are now, when I was a kid.  Even the styles were older.  They never wore blue jeans or even pants.  They did not know how to operate a computer or smart phone – didn’t even have them yet.  They crocheted and knitted and baked pies and cookies from scratch.  Yummy.

My husband’s grandmother came across the country in a covered wagon and lived to see the first man on the moon!  All in one life time.  That amazes me.

As a grandparent we have bragging rights and I believe we have spoiling rights.  If we say cookies for breakfast then so be it, and so on.

This past weekend we celebrated our youngest grand child’s second birthday.  To wrap up the weekend we arranged a ride on a horse.

A picture is worth a thousand words…….

and a video….

215232_10151340143427820_302916488_n  486832_10151341418012820_718931087_nFirst Horse Ride







It was perfect.


cate b.

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  1. I used to call my grandmother mammy my mom always told me that’s because I was so little I couldn’t prounce grandma

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