Pollyanna Syndrome

Being a child of the 50’s and 60’s , to me, was a magical time.  Television was fairly new and in black and white for our home.  I say magical because it was as I look back.  Perhaps not so magical living through it.  Our family faced tragedy early on and things were a bit, well, today we would say dysfunctional.  Back then they would say, actually, they wouldn’t say! Hahaha.

My personality was a plus for me.  I tend to be a bit cheery and humorous and I know that helped me through a lot of tough lonely times.  Having an active imagination helped greatly also.

So, today, the 31st of May in the year 2013, as I sit in a dark gloomy kitchen due to the fact that it is raining once again in the mid west of the US of A, I was thinking about perspective and that reminded me of Pollyanna.  Those of you who are not familiar with the Disney movie starring Hayley Mills (my all time favorite actress and my dog is named after her) then I will give you a little insight.

Pollyanna was the daughter of a missionary family.  Poor, but happy.  She found herself orphaned and sent to live with a very wealthy aunt who was also the matriarch of a small town.  Not happy people.  Aunt was unhappy and therefore the town was due to her controlling.  Pollyanna comes along with a very positive approach to life and it un-nerves people.  We all know at least one Pollyanna – that person who is perpetually cheery or finds the good in everything when you want a pity party.  Who invited her  anyway???

But, Pollyanna’s attitude wins out.  Her attitude rubs off on people.  And I think her attitude it right.  So, for all of us (I said us) who want a pity party today……. here is a little Pollyanna clip of The Glad Game to help us see life from both sides.


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