Happiness is a Warm Ukulele

I love to write about things that make people happy.  That bring a smile and a hope and joy. I hope this makes you happy as it has me.

I have a ukulele!  I type that phrase with a big smile on my face.  I can play guitar and chords on a piano or keyboard.  I can play around on a Native American Flute.  I’m not considered an accomplished musician and I’m not excellent on any one thing.  I just love music and I love to try new things.  So recently I got it in my head that I wanted to play the ukulele.  It just looks and sounds like fun!

So, while on a family vacation last month I picked one up from a local music store.  It was a gift.  I held it and walked out of there with a smile on my face very much like a child holding a bag of candy sticks from the local General Store.  I scored big time I thought.

I took it back to the house and googled what strings they were.  I had no idea.  I searched my iPhone for a ukulele tuner and chord chart.  Found one for free.  I tuned it and I played The Boat Song by JJ Heller and Sloop John B.  Such fun.

Now I pick it up when I sit on the couch and just strum and sometimes sing along.  It is a very happy instrument.  It does wonder for me when I get down.

So glad that a little instrument with just four little strings can bring such a contentment to a troubled soul.

IMG_3429 I’m not ready to video tape me singing along.  In time.

Find your little instrument in life to bring peace to your soul and happiness to your life.  We all get those dark times.  For some it will be music for some art work.  For some gardening.  But do it.  It is healthy and the outcome is great.




ukulele moon Next goal is to learn to play Over The Rainbow – Iz style.











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32 thoughts on “Happiness is a Warm Ukulele”

  1. i love hearing about the ukulele!! and knowing you, you can conquer anything…being down is a tough place we’ve all been, so glad you found some heart strings to lift you up!!

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    “Find your little instrument in life to bring peace to your soul and happiness to your life. We all get those dark times. For some it will be music for some art work. For some gardening. But do it. It is healthy and the outcome is great”.
    Be sure to watch the You Tube video link at the end of the post!!! 🙂 Kenny T

  3. what a great thought! Years ago I attended a church where the worship leader played this instrument. I found it to be peaceful music. Being creative is so inspiration since I enjoy art, God’s creation, and music to express my love of worship and Him.

  4. I love the Uke too. It was the first instrument I learned to play as a child 🙂 Although my favorite will always be Nora Jones version of it, Iz did a pretty good job too. I think I first heard Ms Jones sing it in 2008. Here’s her version from a random person on You tube. (I have no affilliation with the person who uploaded the video, but it’s got Nora’s pics on it and her singing her version of it.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_VRM2Rx_BY&list=PL03DBF4934C5B09BC&index=4

  5. I play the piano some, but I’ve never been able to play a stringed instrument, party because it hurts my fingers. (I think the piano’s much easier.) My dad played the banjo. I tried the guitar and the banjo but gave up quickly. Is the Ukelele easier to play than other stringed instruments?

    1. I would say yes the uke is easier – the strings are nylon therefore softer than the steel strings on a guitar. It is just loads of fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Buying a ukulele was one of the best things I did. You can’t be sad with a uke – even sad songs on the ukulele will bring a smile.

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    I so agree with the sentiments expressed in this blog post. It’s hard to even think about a ukulele without smiling and feeling better.

  8. I learned how to play the ukelele back in 2nd grade and that was a looong time ago, this reminded me of the fun I had back then (I used to play till the wee hours in the night to my grandma’s horror). Thanks for the follow!

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