The subtle power of the ‘ukulele

This is another wonderful example of what a Ukulele does for you. Read it and I hope you smile as much as I did. Enjoy! cate b


I started playing the ukulele three years ago after attending a class in Harvard Square led by the marvelous Danno Sullivan.

Since then I have been strumming on an almost daily basis — thanks to Danno’s lyric/chord handouts, the wonderful Daily Ukulele songbook, and the amazing group mind that is the internet (where one can find chords and lyrics for almost every song under the sun…)

Soon after discovering the chords for Coldplay’s song “Viva La Vida” on line, I realized that many of my favorite pop songs have a surprisingly simple structure.

Four chords!

Sometimes three chords!

Image by Ulrike Draper from Pixabay 

And thus my humble life as a budding songwriter took root…

I had written lyrics in the past with a friend who is a pianist, and I had collaborated on a couple of songs with another guitarist friend (again as a lyricist).


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