Old Drum and a Change of Scenery

DSCF7468Yesterday my husband and I took off into the wilds of the mid-west.  Well, took off on some country roads and drove east into the wilds of Missouri.  Yes, you guessed it, farms.  And yes, sky.  It really is beautiful and peaceful.  Some of you look into the vast oceans we look into the vast sky and rolling hills and the food that you all eat.

These pictures of the farmland were taken from the open window of our non-air conditioned jeep wrangler while going highway speed.  And not from my iPhone!  I used an actual camera!  Dry mid-west breezes reaching temperatures into the low 90s.  It was great.


















We had a long needed get away that day.  Our destination?  The lovely town of Warrensburg, MO, home of University of Central Missouri – the Mules.





Home of the Whiteman Air Force Base.  Home of Java Junction incredibly good coffee! Home of J & J – two friends of ours that met us in town and had a great time together!

And most importantly – home of Old Drum.  The dog that was shot and a court case took place in the old courthouse and the phrase “Man’s best friend” came to life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Graham_Vest











DSCF7494DSCF7510Myself and Old Drum together on the courthouse corner.






Who says we don’t have fun in the Heartland?  We had a great time.  Came home feeling rested and hot and rested…..and hot.

It is so good to get away from the daily grind.  Even if it’s just going to a nearby park and doing nothing.  A change of scenery can clear your mind and give you a better perspective of your life.  You begin to see things differently.  Really. Try it.

Life is short so get out there and smell the roses  or the corn and soy beans.


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24 thoughts on “Old Drum and a Change of Scenery”

  1. Beautiful scenery !! And a good day by the looks of it..
    Love the story of “Old Drum” left by Mr Ford.
    How it was built, bits of stone from the great wall of China are in that statue.
    The real grave is below.. 1860’s the dog was shot.

    Strange the things I read over the years 🙂

      1. Good to hear, we all need a good day x

        Often Dawn and I will jump in the car, put the girls in the back seats (Kid/Baby seat)
        Turn on the sat-nav.
        I have a book in the car of “Places to Visit in Scotland, some are in Edinburgh” And we just set the satnav to there and go.. Once we decide where to go. Sometimes its an 30 minute drive, sometimes 3 hours. But we have TV/DVD screens stuck in the back headrests of our seats and the girls sit and watch a movie (Usually the Smurfs) And they now put the darn headphones on so I can’t hear it.. 🙂

        These days of “Lets just see where we end up”
        Are often the best..


          1. Yeah, its great fun..
            Having the two girls is Amazing as there are so many places we can take them, as at their age they are interested in everything. Only set-back is when we try to leave wherever we are, the sight of 2 small people causing a riot kills me with laughter 🙂


              1. Congrats!!!
                Will be fun in 3 years…a 5 year old and a 3 year old 🙂
                Destruction and fights over a piece of paper awaits..


    1. Rhonda – we use to live in San Diego County – a lot of day trips then – but the time in LA area was harder to get out……. I understand. 😀

      1. Oh Cate! I am so happy you’re doing this!!! While I know this story almost as well as I know my own (except for the furtue my magic eight ball can only predict so much), my heart goes out to you with every single word! I both love and hate being on this rollercoaster with you but I refuse to get off so long as you want to be on it. Continue to follow your heart, my dear, and I will be here whether it’s to walk in front of you down that aisle or cry with you and pick up the pieces and then go on a fabulous girl getaway to mend, of course! And kudos to you for sharing this with others we can all relate in our own ways, and so long as this helps you work through it all, it’s a good thing in my book! Or is that in my movie? xohope

    1. thank you so much and for visiting. We are hoping to actually ride the train from our present location (also a quaint train station) to Warrensburg. 😀

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