Pre-Autumn Storm

here is the beginning of the storm that ushered in our Autumn
here is the beginning of the storm that ushered in our Autumn

Cool, cloudy and refreshing in the Mid-West.


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12 thoughts on “Pre-Autumn Storm”

  1. i love storms! (not destructive ones)…but to me there’s nothing like a real good storm! when i’m in Marco Island, Fla…i always hope we’ll get a good storm to watch…we’re on the top (19) floor so we we have a great view on the balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico! it’s amazing watching the lightening dancing on the water in the distance! it’s an awesome display of God’s handiwork! lol…yeah some think i’m crazy, but it’s beautiful to watch (for me)…i hope you enjoyed your storm Cate!

  2. I love storms..Where I am I have a view of the North of Scotland and I love to watch the storms roll in from the North sea. I can sit for hours just watching nature take us where she takes us…
    I can’t believe I typed that. I must be getting old… lol

      1. It is….Cold though 😀
        In-fact if we don’t put the heating on we would freeze to death at certain parts of the year.. x

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