I have been the proud owner of an iPhone since the end of 2008.  I started with the 3G.  Loved that phone.  I was convinced that Apple made that phone for me.  I dropped my friend, face down, on a ceramic tile floor.  So sad.  I can still see her cracked and oozing face.  I was brave and told myself that I can live without one – I can get a free Blackberry and be fine.  After about four months  iCracked!  I was not due for an upgrade and I was beyond sad.  Then, my Knight in Shining Armor – aka: Husband – was due for an upgrade so we switched phone numbers and I got the iPhone 4.  I held onto that puppy until recently I realized I had to put it out of it’s misery.  But no worries!  I bounced back quickly when I found out I could turn her in for credit and I did – I got the iPhone 5C in YELLOW with a blue case because those colours remind me of the beach!Again, Apple has made a phone for ME!  About time they put colour into their creative phones!

My Home Screen
My Home Screen

Isn’t HE beautiful?  I say HE because I named him Maxwell – I set Siri to UK English and a Male voice.  My own private “Butler”, so to speak.

And do I like the new look and the Apple – iOS 7?  Yes.  It took getting a little use to especially when I plugged it into my outdated iTunes on my outdated mac book and found I could not sync my new phone!?!?!?!?  But no worries.  Slowly things are coming back to me as to which apps I had and when I find them in the app store it has record that I had them once before.  Easy peasy.  I did manage to find 140 songs that were saved in the cloud thingy and they were automatically put on my phone.  Can’t complain there.

So, I recommend it. IF you are an iPhone lover as I am.  My husband is not.  So he is happy with the “not so smart phone”.

Share any tips with me if you want and Enjoy!

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        1. Yeah I am telling everyone with a Blackberry…if it goes under, anyone who has one..Just stop the direct debit from the bank..

  1. I used to bash IPhone’s until recently when I realized it wasn’t worth the time and effort I put into it and each person becomes comfortable with the OS they are using after a time and most are not willing to change myself included. Glad you enjoy your new phone and dint have a hard time adjusting to the IOS 7 like a lot of people do !

  2. I got the new curves Samsung S4 last week, AMAZING piece of kit..
    Siri is a pain in the hole for us Scottish people though 😀 .. Check

    Scottish man Vs Siri…
    Siri wins 😀
    That man is from Edinburgh, that is how I speak 😀

    1. haha – I had watched this one! too funny. I expect Maxwell (aka Siri) to start talking to me soon since I have neglected him.
      I’m an Apple fan – they have their faults but they speak my language.

      1. I think Apple is restrictive, for me the Android market is better (And free if you know what to do, lol)

        To be fair my son has the New Iphone and it is some piece of kit, but I am an Android fan. Got the Samsung 10.1 inch Tablet. It was that or an Ipad…Just don’t like Apple..
        But as you say, each to their own..
        No denying the Iphone is brilliant though.
        This is my new phone:

        Check this new phone here!! JUST WOW! I NEED ONE 😀

          1. Yeah it does that often..I check most days..
            Don’t know why…Comments from you are approved..

            Strange.. 😀

            1. I could say something about me as opposed to you – but I’ll spare you – LOL – feeling mischievous. I think it’s because that comment had URL stuff about phones and such….. it’s cool – I will pay more attention. 😀

              1. If Word Press allows you to.. lol

                That bendy phone was something…I “need” one.. lol

        1. OK – I couldn’t get to this site on phone – but just saw on macbook – weird curve screen. I wonder – I think I would get dizzy. LOL

            1. .”) I get dizzy at those round screens they have in museums. They are like semi circle and on ceiling. Terrifies me. Hahaha.

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