A Picture is Worth

For this fine Sunday morning where we apparently gained an hour of sleep in most parts of the USA, I bring you a simple picture of our two grand daughters.  Meet Lucy and Penny June.

Lucy and baby sis, Penny June

Lucy and baby sis, Penny June

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  What do you see?  I was there and I know how thrilled Lucy was to get a new sister.  But perhaps one could see a big sister dreaming of being, well, in control perhaps?

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy your life.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

cate b

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45 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth

  1. I’m thinking Lucy is holding on to Penny June, and dreaming of the places they’ll go. The adventure begins!

  2. hey cate! i have to say (with having 7 of my own grandbabes) lucy looks like she’s got that look of “hmmm, what kind of trouble can we get in?”lololol…i can def see her wheels turning…lol…that’s so adorable to see them in action when their sis or bro comes along…i’ll be interested in hearing of their escapades as time goes on! be sure to fill us all in 😉

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