The Sky is Our Ocean

When I moved to the Mid-West I left my ocean behind.  I had to find a new view to contemplate and draw ideas from.

The sky in the Mid-West is endless.  It changes everyday and sometimes by the minute.  Storms fascinate me here and the fear I had of lightning has subsided.  Although, I do fear tornadoes, and fortunately have not seen one and only spent time in the basement once in five years.

A Small Town, Missouri
A Small Town, Missouri


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Author: Cate B

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  1. Thanks, Cate! Your post reminded me of all the great skies that were part of living in Michigan. Storms do create some amazing masterpieces.

    1. I never switched to Still wordpress.
      What I’m doing is a challenge through a website called Blogher. They have a November thing where you write each day for 30 days. Thought I’d try. they ask we put their logo on each post.

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