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I do a lot of thinking about blogging.  Much more time is spent thinking about it than actually doing it.  That is a fault of mine.  I have talked to a few people I know who are in marketing or similar fields and they all tell me just about the same things.  See, I like writing.  I like blogging.  I also want readers to read my writing and comment or just hit the like button.  Those actions are encouraging and supportive to me.  What is difficult to me is gaining followers or an audience.  I seem to attract a lot of attention when I post photos – I chuckle over the likes I get and the follows because all I use is my iPhone 5c.  I do understand though, because I also like looking at photos.  But I like to write also.

I’m told the more blogs I read and comment and follow, the more followers I will generate.  That is a lot of work for me.  I am willing, but I find it to be a weakness.  I battle with thoughts of “humility” and “ego” all zipped up into one package.  I think I’m over thinking this whole thing.  I want a larger audience because I believe I have things to say.  “Find your target audience” they tell me.  Just when I think I do all of a sudden I get followers from a whole different type of audience.  Hahaha – I just laugh at myself.

So, unless you more experienced bloggers out there happen to come across my ramblings and offer me profound advice, I think I will keep rambling and see where it takes me.  And if you think I will benefit from your ramblings then recommend yourself to me or others that you think I will benefit from.  Seriously, we are in this together.  I’ve met and am following some wonderful people from various walks of life and age groups.  We are on the same journey.  I’ve honestly had much more encouragement from strangers on WordPress than my friends on Facebook (the ones who support me on FB know who they are and they are awesome encouragement to me).

This is day number thirteen on a blogging challenge of thirty days.  It’s been disappointing to me in many ways but the best thing about it is that I am posting everyday.  THAT has been challenging and wonderful for me.

To all fellow bloggers and writers – let’s keep moving forward in our goals and dreams and helping each other to get there.


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Author: Cate B

I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

11 thoughts on “Blog Blog Blog, Blog, Blog”

  1. I think about this stuff too. Sometimes I even get online to blog and end up refreshing my stats over and over again instead!! 😉 Plus I knock my brains out trying to figure out if the ‘share’ numbers are even real, because if people are sharing my posts, I have NO IDEA who they are….

  2. Hey, I’m a rambler too, learning to write whatever makes me happy. Also following way too many blogs and can never keep up with them all. The blogging world is nuts. Especially this month! Good luck – do it for yourself first. ♥♥

  3. Be careful what you wish for cate I recently had to get rid of about ten followers because I couldn’t keep up with all of their posts

  4. hey girlfriend, this was an interesting blog…and of course glad you posted it.
    i think there are many of us who feel quite the same! you may call me crazy (wait, you do that anyway lol), but i think you might be onto something.
    you’re great at speaking things/addressing issues about blogging that many would be afraid to say. maybe you did find your audience, maybe, just maybe, much of what you address is for the audience who’s intimidated (hehehe).
    you seem to spark questions that other’s would be afraid to ask! by doing that it makes some relate so well that maybe you’re gathering the troops who need to write by being their encouragement! and your pictures add the icing on the cake!
    crazy thought i know, but it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who understands the blogging world and isn’t afraid to address it…
    btw, bob offers some great advice about cutting back on following too many, as we can’t read everyone’s posts or we’d get nothing done! lol…
    keep it up cate! we’re all in this wild ride together, let’s try to enjoy it…ugh 😉

  5. i’m a rambler too. they (the good people) tell me that blogs should be 300 words or less coz no one wants to spend so much time on a post but what’s your objective? if it is to write then write, Cate. if it is to garner likes then just blog hop and let your fingers do the clicking. there are 2 components to blog stats – hits and pageviews. having higher pageviews than hits is awesome. it means people are actually spending time on your post and reading what you are saying. hits are courtesy “likes”. i dunno, maybe i’m wrong but i think i read the definition of this somewhere. 😀

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