Today is one day over the half way mark for the NaBloPoMo blog for thirty days challenge.  I haven’t missed a day.  I am amazed – at myself.  I stopped posting these blogs to their website because sometimes the blog wouldn’t load up completely on their page.  Therefore, they probably don’t even know I’m still in.  Perhaps I’ll post this one one their page.

SPAM!  I’m having a rough day so I decided to lighten my self up.  I grew up with a product called SPAM.  Weird and only tolerable and not half bad when sizzled in a frying pan with butter.  When we visited friends in Kauai we were offered “SPAM Sushi” – I thought , why not?  I bit into that seaweed wrapped rice and SPAM and I admit the first bite wasn’t too bad.  Brought me back to childhood.  But the second bite – bit me!  No more.

I think SPAM was a leftover of World War II or something.  You can see it mentioned in the Adam Sandler Movie, Fifty First Dates.



I think everyone needs to experience it once – go ahead.

And for your Silly Saturday enjoyment I even found a song by Weird Al Yankovic   Yes, I happen to enjoy Weird Al!




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5 thoughts on “SPAM ALERT!”

  1. I am pretty sure you are right about spam coming from ww2 as kids we ate a lot of it because it was cheap. Pan fried just like you said. The first time I went into the Army it was in our c rations and we had to eat it cold, needless to say I haven’t had any since then

  2. never tried it, and certainly don’t intend to with all the crazy comments people make about it…taylor ham, that’s as far as i go…lol…and that’s only once or twice a year…lol…;)

  3. Spam is like our Luncheon Meat which comes in different brand names but the taste is lesser in quality to Spam. I love luncheon meats 😀

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