Snakes in the Yard!

The last dream I had of snakes involved me picking one up by the tail and swinging it around like a lasso and then smashing it’s head against a building.

Last night I had a dream about snakes and I was not a Ninja Snake Killer.  I was in my yard with my sons (who were young boys again) and I was about to fill in a hole in the yard when I saw a snake.  Then they pointed out the snakes that were all over the yard!  One was a coppery colour and naturally I thought it was a copperhead, since we have them here in the mid-west.  The others I believed to be harmless garter snakes.  But the copperheads were eating the garter snakes!  I held a shovel and thought I could be that Ninja Snake Lady again.  The snakes were attacking us and I was horrified!!!!  I totally panicked and was a weak hysterical person.  Needless to say, I woke up.  Thank God!

I’m not really afraid of snakes but usually I keep my distance until they are identified.  There.  I had this nightmare and had to share it with you.  I looked up the pic of a copperhead this morning and the snake in my dream was not.  Comforting – NOT!  I’m just glad it is winter and we shouldn’t see any snakes until spring.



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    1. we will talk – snakes usually represent lies……blah! we will talk after I’m home from being with the girls – thursday.

      1. no way!!!!!! awwww, thanks my friend..that’s sweet of you! i wish we could just paste them on someone’s page and be done with it…tooo much crazy for me, you’re the best!! and congrats again on your award! awesome!

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