To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

To tattoo or not to tattoo…….  Too late!  No question there for me.  I now have two tattoos and think often of my third and what it should be.  Fortunately, I haven’t decided yet and am very glad I didn’t go with every thought I had – I would be covered.

In 2005 we lost our daughter – you can read about that in my Loss/Grief Section on the menu bar.  While our son was traveling home from China to attend his sister’s funeral he designed a couple of tattoos in remembrance of her.  I overheard him talking to his brothers about them and I wanted in on it.  So did my husband.  So about eight of us made appointments at Rebel Image Tattoo – – in our home county and here is the one most of the girls got:


vanessachestcopy (2)

Our daughter’s name, Vanessa, means butterfly.  I have this one on my left forearm so I can always see it.  If you look closely and artistically, you can see her initials – V J B in the wings and the body.  I’m so proud of our son for designing this.  Most of the guys got a Celtic butterfly with a heart in the middle sorry, I don’t have access to the pic of that one.

After getting to know Mike, who owns the tattoo parlor, I was totally taken with the whole business. artistic talent goes into tattoos.  And when you get one specially made for you that has a deep, heart-felt meaning, it just increases my love for them.  You hear me young people?  I just love your tattoos!  Well, most of them.

I have one on my left leg – it represents me (the butterfly in the middle) and my three sons and my daughter (the blue one).  I had a dream and that is where this one came from, also designed by my son after I told him the dream.


I love the whole art thing with tattoos.  Yes, they are pretty much permanent, so I recommend that it is something you really want and has a close meaning to you.  Some of the ones I’ve seen are incredible.  Entire arms, etc. totally tattooed in such detailed work.  It is an amazing aspect of the art world.

So, yes, this grandma loves tattoos.


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7 thoughts on “To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo”

  1. Tattoos are a wonderful and beautiful way to memorialize. Fortunately, I haven’t had to use them to memorialize anyone yet and I’m sorry for your loss.

    I use them as a sort of visual journal on my body to mark important points in my life: anniversary, birth of our daughter, etc. And I love being asked about each of my tattoos because it gives me a chance to tell stories that are important and remind myself of them as well.

  2. love ink! wish i had one, or two or three lol…hubby doesn’t approve so it ain’t happenin’ here…lol…(he also hates motorcycles…another war i lost lol)…but that’s ok, i admire (tats) from afar…i love the meanings and the artistry of yours, good job Matthias!!
    good post, hope it makes the younger generation see not all grams dislike them, there are many who love them ….and we’re proof of that!!
    can’t wait to see your next one! 😉

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