Doggie Parks

This is day #20 in the NaBloPoMo thirty day blog challenge.

Almost there.  I have a hard time following the prompts they suggest, but some are pretty good.

But today I am doing my own thing, again.  The subject of Dog Parks popped into my head.  I have never taken my dogs to a dog park.  It’s hard enough walking them through a people park when we run into other dogs.  They want to play and they want to play bad!  The thought of letting them go to romp and play with other dogs frightens me.  I just may be more afraid of that than standing on the rim of a very high cliff, or the wing of an airplane!  I’ve been to Pet Smart when the Doggie Daycare is in full swing play mode.  I stood at that window watching all the drooling dogs of various breeds and sizes and saw the look on the playground monitor’s face.  Fighting?  Bullies?  Yes.  I just can’t see letting my precious doggies loose to fend for themselves.  They both just want to play.  But these are dogs.  Dogs are territorial and I’ve experienced lovely tail wagging dogs turn against each other in an instant.  Am I overly protective of my pups?  Are these free-for-all pup parks a breeding ground for disaster or future therapy sessions for our doggies?


I also worry about me!  What if these oh-so-playful pups who “never would bite anyone” decide I look edible?  Scares me big time.  I never tell ANYONE that my dogs are friendly and would never bite you.  Dogs can be a bit unpredictable sometimes, especially if they sense your fear or dislike of dogs.


So help me out.  Tell me your experiences of Dog Parks.  I truly want to relieve my fears and take my pups – maybe.  Wait.  I think it’s me that may need the therapy for that fear.


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13 thoughts on “Doggie Parks”

  1. lol…loved the cartoon (1) it cracked me up!!
    can’t comment much on the doggie park thingy, but sorry to say, i stand with you, i’m too skiddish, if i had another dog i don’t think i could do it…i hope your other peeps have lots of encouragment for you…(i’m a scaredy cat when it comes to the thought of another animal hurting any of my pets {that i used to have}) lol

      1. lol, gotcha! don’t think the poodle would like that…
        my last one was small, but fiesty…he’d go after the big guys, NOT good…lol…
        mama gotta protect her babies even the furry ones…

    1. Haha. Are you logged into WordPress? That’s what they told me. If logged in and doesn’t work then you have to contact them. Their rules b

  2. I think it depends on the dog park. There is one right next to the Humane center where I volunteer that caters to large dogs. I watch this place as I go in and out of the building. It always has 10 to12 dogs and humans chasing balls Frisbees and all get along well

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