Day Twenty-Two

Twenty-two days of blogging with the NaBloPoMo thirty day blogging challenge.   What have I learned the past twenty-two days?  Well, I learned that I can do it, though there are some days that I just don’t feel like it.  I am away from home three and a half days each week and when I come home I decompress.  It takes a lot of motivation for me to re-enter, so to speak.  I learned that my reasons for doing this challenge have changed over the past twenty-two days.  Originally, I had a large ego and I that thought I would be noticed – hahahaha.  I even took their advice and read some other challenger’s blogs and commented.  That didn’t last long.  I had very little response from posting on their website, not to mention it was rather difficult to understand how exactly to get pictures posted.  It stopped posting my pics so I stopped posting on their site.  Oh well.  I’ve found that many bloggers, like me, want to be noticed but not necessarily read too many other blogs.  That’s not good.  So, I have given up the need to be noticed so much and I am doing my best to notice others.  It really is a nicer way to live.  Selfishness is over rated.

Please don’t misunderstand, the website is full of talented writers of all kinds.  I honor them.  But for me it is a very busy website and hard for me to navigate with so much on there.

Also, did you know it is Thanksgiving this coming week?  I’m a little behind.  I must get motivated to think about cooking and I also want to decorate for Christmas.  Kind of.  I usually don’t do it until the day after Thanksgiving but I do think I will do it sooner.  Maybe.  I also realize that my decorations have gotten old and I feel like moving on.  But boy, that costs way too much for me.  I thought of one way to get a new Christmas tree theme and save a lot of money doing it.

What do you think?

So blogging on here, on this very cold, cloudy twenty-second day of November.


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