Catch a Falling Star – Hope

It’s that time of year where we are inundated with thoughts of family, friends, food and gifts.  Everywhere you turn it’s there.  We have different names for the holiday season and different beliefs.

It’s a time when memories pop up and some are not welcome and some are very welcome.  I have both.  I choose to remember the good ones and they usually win out totally.  As a matter of fact, sadder ones rarely try to visit me any more.

Some traditions from my childhood and my husbands made their way into our family when we joined together.  Now that our kids are grown and have families they are making their own new traditions mixed with some they loved as children.

And it goes on.  As it should.  New traditions should be forming and evolving.  We can’t live in the past forever.  There is so much in our world that can grow us and form us into better humans.  The things we left behind, whether good or bad, where there to help form us into adulthood, the people we became or are becoming.  Growth never stops unless we stop it.

It can also be a season of sadness and hopelessness and loneliness.  Let’s try to remember people around us, perhaps ones we do not normally pay attention to.  Everyone of us has a story.  Everyone of us has something to be heard.

It is also a season of joy.  Just look at all the colors out there in the decorations.  Even the stop lights are red and green.  I can sit here in my home and think of all the things I could be sad about.  Really, I can.  But I choose to go above and beyond that.  I have so much more to be happy about in this life and I do not want to spend the rest of my days thinking about what I don’t or can’t do or should have done.  I watched a loved one do that and when they passed I was so sad about what could have been if they just decided to get up and take the hands offered them.  I’m sure we all know people like that or maybe you are like that.

This season, look for The Hope around you.  The people you see are flawed, we all are.  But very few will turn away from you if you ask for help, or ask for a listening ear or a hug or a touch.


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I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

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