The Diversity of an American Christmas

Here are a couple of typical Christmas songs.  I do believe Christmas does mark the birth of The Saviour, Jesus Christ, but this time of year shows such a diversity.  I love that. I did not grow up in any particular religion, that came to me later in life.  So I have a warm mixture of the Santa and reindeer and snow and beautiful songs of all kinds running through me.

Here are some for your enjoyment – Merry Christmas…..


And Happy Holidays ……. always must include Nat King Cole.


cate b

8 thoughts on “The Diversity of an American Christmas

  1. Selah Vita

    love the Celtic singers and musicians…and i LOVE their dance as well! thanks for sharing, and thanks for an oldie but goodie “Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole, always a classic….Happy Holidays to you and yours…oops, or should i have said “merry Christmas”? either way the love and blessings are the same xo

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