Bring On the New!

I always love the end of a year and the anticipation of a new one.  As I reflect back on 2013, I don’t have too much to get excited about except for the birth of our fifth grandchild!  She will end this year at the ripe old age of  two months and ten days.

The last five years of my life has been anything but really exciting.  I mean that in a reflective way.  Not much has happened since we moved to the mid-west in the beginning of 2009.  What I mean by that is that I still feel as though I’m looking for “home”.  Understand that a greater amount of good has happened since arriving here.  My husband and I have met many wonderful people and some of them are now friends for life.  We have learned what not to do and can laugh about it and we have learned what to do and what we can do.  It has been very good.

So now that 2013 is rapidly coming to an end, what does 2014 hold for us?  I get excited.  I do believe it holds a lot of good.  It holds more hope and dreams coming to pass.  We are now one year closer to finding “home”.  We are closer to our dreams being fulfilled.

I have great expectations for our future and for you, dear readers.  Don’t give up.  Sadness and loneliness can strike at anytime and to any of us.  But choose to rise above.  Look around when the darkness comes and see who you can grab a hold of.  Look around and see who has come into your life’s journey to walk with you and at times push gently from behind and at times pick you up and carry you.  Those are the ones to surround yourself with.  Surround yourself with the ones – or the one – that see you for who you really are!


Happiest of New Year to all of you!  Hooray for 2014!


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  1. Now I am excited for you as well… ‘Home’ is always a hard place to find. May 2014 fulfill all your dreams. (and I love the cartoon!)

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