Early Morning Drive

The first day of a new semester at UCM  means my first day back with the girls.  Love the adventure.  So, while it was still dark this morning the hubby and I set off for The Burg.  Here is what we saw:

great clouds on the horizon
great clouds on the horizon



you know you are in the mid west when.....
you know you are in the mid west when…..




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11 thoughts on “Early Morning Drive”

  1. great pictures of early morning…btw, i noticed (probably a bit slow on it) your Winged Prisms Creations is now copyright!!!! awesome!!!! sorry if i was slow in recognizing it, but hey! they don’t call me platinum for nothing!!! lol…

      1. sounds like a good idea…i’m glad you can do those things, especially since you do so much writing and pics…good for you…btw also love the changes on the blog…new colors (my faves purple shades)…you’re growing in leaps and bounds, good for you!!!

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