Groundhog Day

It is February 2nd, 2014.  Each year, on this date in the USA, we celebrate Groundhog Day.  We anxiously await the prediction of the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, to tell us when spring will come.  This winter, in particular, we want to hear of an early spring arrival.  Didn’t happen. The famous furry creature has told us six more weeks of winter .

Punxutawney Phi
Punxutawney Phil


It’s an amusing celebration that we have acquired over the years.  But what made it even more fun for us Americans was Hollywood’s production of Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell.  Totally enjoyable and some watch it every year to add to the fun of it.

Great movie
Great movie

This year is extra special.  The Superbowl is today also!  And the game will be in New Jersey (my home state) where it is very cold right now.  But even more special for my husband and I is the fact that five years ago, this very day, we drove all our possessions into Kansas City, Missouri to begin a new adventure.  Here we are.  It has been an adventure of ups and downs and adjustments.  Now we look forward to more………….

Here we are with our team, waiting for grub - just kidding
Here we are with our team, waiting for grub – just kidding
is that a groundhog on the side of the road?
is that a groundhog on the side of the road?

Happy Sunday everyone and oh, Happy Groundhog Day to y’all!


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10 thoughts on “Groundhog Day”

  1. and happy groundhog day to you too Cate! btw…it’s warm here in jersey today …actually close to 60 degrees!! it’s a lovely week for us, no complaints from most…the weather is absolutely perfect for the Super Bowl!
    enjoy your sunday! xo

  2. Hi Cate

    Can I just say I absolutely love that film. Bill Murray is a genius. I think his fellow Ghostbuster Harold Ramis both wrote and directed it, plus had a small bit part as well. I must watch it again.

    Here is the land of Oz we have no groundhogs and I don’t believe I even knew they existed before I saw this movie. To top it all off we are in the middle of a tortuous summer right now with multiple days over 100 degrees (in your terms). The entire concept of winter in February just astounds me.

    Hope you get warm soon.


    1. thank you Sir. Sorry it’s so hot there now – but your hot Christmas’ astound me. But this winter I would gladly take a season of sweating…..although, I fear our summer will be extreme this year…. and that I hate.
      Say, have you seen Bill Murray in What About Bob? Another genius film.
      Take care,

  3. Hi Cate

    “What About Bob” is an absolute classic. Bill Murray of course steals the show but Julie Hagarty and Richard Dreyfus are just awesome. A brilliant piece of movie making.


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