Above Freezing

Finally we can go outside with just a hoodie and our wellies.




The Geese Are on the Move

The Geese Are on the Move

Winter Thaw

Winter Thaw

Hope is springing forth once again.  Above freezing temperatures and the earth is thawing out.


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13 thoughts on “Above Freezing

  1. Sam Han

    Is it still icy over at your place? It’s just rain and sun here. Lots of humidity which can be very taxing. I feel sleepy all the time, drained of energy.

  2. Rhonda Sittig

    I keep reading about ALL the snow east of us– I’m a little jealous. WE’ve finally had a rainy weekend in CA and we’re really enjoying having “weather!”

    1. wingedprisms Post author

      Haha. I love snow and KC hasn’t had very much. BUT it’s about 2 degrees outside and that is what we are tired of. Coldest winter in a while.

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