Dreaming of True Love’s Kiss? (SPOILER ALERT)

My grand daughter had me sit through the movie, Frozen, about four times last week.  I didn’t mind.  It is a great movie, slightly different from the typical meet Prince Charming and get the True Love’s Kiss to save you from an evil demise.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the typical fairy tale plot of falling in love at first sight and waiting and dreaming of True Love’s Kiss.  Works every time.  Enchanted is one of my most favorite Fairy Tale movies.

You know what is going to happen in each one.  Wicked witch or evil serpent or poison apple – it’s pretty much a given that something will happen to the Princess, and the charming Prince will save the day with a Kiss.  I love it.

But in Frozen there is a plot twist.  An unexpected end to the curse.  I love it more!  When that adorably funny snowman, Olaf, explains to Anna what True Love is, and then …….. it twists again to a bind of deep, true love between sisters; family!

Love, Love it!  It is so refreshing to watch this with my grand daughter, who has a sister now, and tell her things about sisterly love and family ties.  Of course, she is only two and a half and I’m not sure what she is getting from this, but I do know that she gets the “sister” part and she even implied that she, herself, was Elsa.  Too cute.

Here is Olaf explaining to Anna about True Love………. I won’t post the ultimate True Love video —- watch the movie, you will love it.


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6 thoughts on “Dreaming of True Love’s Kiss? (SPOILER ALERT)”

  1. I agree about the twist. It is so powerful. And it’s a good reminder that there is more than one kind of love. We’re sometimes so caught up in romantic love, that we forget that there are other forms that are incredibly powerful. The other twist I love in this movie is realizing romantic love isn’t always what we expect either. That we can miss what’s right in front of us because we have stubborn patterns of thinking. Great movie! So happy you can share it with your granddaughters. 🙂

  2. My 29 year old daughter planned a girls day out with her sis, me and the 2 grandmothers– Not a child in our group, but we all loved it! I loved the humor and the beautiful animation… fun post.

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