I Won’t Stay Inside No More!

March in the mid-west began rather snowy and icy.  But now it is coming slowly into spring time and we cannot stay inside any more!

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Go outside.


cate b

16 thoughts on “I Won’t Stay Inside No More!

  1. Selah Vita

    this was an awesome post…loved all the picture too! great song, it has a nice kick to it! leave it to Sesame Street to have someone so great on their show as usual…they sure know how to recruit the talented ones for sure 😉
    loved it all…love your site…you’re becoming a real pro and i love it!! keep up the fantastic work my friend …
    enjoy the outdoors now that the weather is more pleasant 😉

      1. Selah Vita

        my pleasure…i enjoy all your posts…i try my best to get to them…lol…sometimes i screw up, but then again, my head isn’t screwed on too tight these days (my bad…lol)…but i do try my best… 😉 keep ’em coming

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