Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

I am side tracking from my mini-series of summer time memories – even though I have only posted one post on summer – I will continue later today or tomorrow.

But a new thing has popped up in my life.  Please know that I am in no way mocking or taking phobias lightly .  Not at all.  I am simply making a humorous attempt to laugh at my self, and I do laugh at me only.

We live in Missouri.  We have lived here only a little over five years.  Prior to that, the forty years my husband and I have been married, we have lived in coastal states.

Here is a little how my mind works……..

In coastal states there are obvious land boundaries.  On the west coast we have the Pacific Ocean and the mountains.  I felt secure, so to speak. Actually, I never felt afraid to go far because it wasn’t an issue.  All was secure.  By “it wasn’t an issue” I mean it never entered my head that there was a boundary of any kind.

Same on the east coast.  We had the Atlantic Ocean (sometimes in our backyard, literally) and it was fine.

Well, you take a coastal girl and put her in the middle and a strange thing can happen……. there is nothing but land in all four directions.  We won’t hit a wall of mountains until we get across Kansas.  Kansas is vast (in my head).  It’s so Oz-like.  I haven’t even been to Oklahoma where the wind goes sweeping down the plain!

In this area of Missouri we have a road appropriately named, “State Line Road”.  Why?  On one side is Missouri and on the other is Kansas.  In one given outing it is not uncommon to cross the border of the states a number of times.  No problem.  It makes it fun to shop.

So, back to my new realized phobia.  We went to a wedding and the reception was in a park in Kansas.  No biggie, like I just said, it is easy and normal to go across state lines here.  Well, as we headed further west on the interstate, I got a little nervous.  I kept asking my husband, “How far into Kansas are we going?!?”  He said just a little ways.  I saw familiar town names and relaxed because I knew they were close by the border.  Then I saw things like metal silhouettes of bison and Native Americans and wagon trains, and The Oregon Trail signs……. again, “How far into Kanas are we going?!?”

I realized then that I had an irrational fear of the vast open plains.  Please note – there are no vast open plains on the border of Missouri and Kansas.  Not the Kansas City area anyway!  That is the irrational part. Hahaha.  I was a bit un-nerved over this trip.  It came to me that I really felt very insecure going out into the wilds of the west. Dang! That may put a damper on my desire to see Oklahoma!  Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. **please note: we have driven across our entire nation at least six times and I was fine – but we had a destination!

I was telling my son about this and he totally understood.  Since we came from coastal areas it seemed normal for us to feel a bit insecure.  I think we all, unknowingly, make boundaries in our minds.  Boundaries of insecurity.  Boundaries of security.  I think it’s pretty normal.  It’s what I do with it that can become the real problem.  Most fears are irrational (I am not a professional – just an older lady who thinks a lot).  Now, if I was running for my life from terrorists with Jack Bauer – well, we all know that would be a rational fear of mega proportions ( older lady with too much time to think).

I know phobias are very real to people.  I had a period in my life where it was real.  Thankfully, I did overcome that fear with a lot of prayer and help from friends and my relationship with God.  After all, we are just little people in a very big world.

Have fun with this post – I did.  You can laugh at me – especially you mid-westerners who do not understand how weird it is to live here when we are not from here – lighten up on us transplants!

Here is a pic of how vast the wilds of Kansas can look:

wilds of Kansas City
wilds of Kansas City

I WILL go to Oklahoma!  And I will take pics and write a post about it.  I may even sing the song!  For your enjoyment I am sharing a youtube video of Hugh Jackman starring in the musical Oklahoma!  Obviously his pre-Wolverine days.  I’m impressed and did giggle.


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12 thoughts on “Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain”

  1. You had better bring your rifle when you cross the state line into Oklahoma. Lol come packin. When I go to the coastal states I feel about the same as you do here. It’s more the too many people issue. Fun post. Really good!!😀

  2. We spent a year in Texas and I know what you mean about no borders, no landmarks! Freaky 😉 My phobia: elevators and tight spaces. I’m clawing at the doors before I get to the second floor. We’re all a little weird in one way or another.

  3. Oh, my, anxiety and phobias-I’ve had my share plus a couple of million other people’s share, too.
    I’ve lived all over the US and both coasts-never had the fear of no boundaries. (But some of that could be because so many boundaries were broken when I was younger that I never knew what they were until I was older. Maybe?) I love the diversity of the US and even of some states (like Texas).
    I get antsy in small, crowded spaces-I like the feeling I can breathe. I think that is one reason I don’t like the beach in the summer, there are just TOO MANY people, ugh. You can’t go anywhere without literally tripping over someone.
    Oh, well, just my thoughts for the day-stirred up by your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God’s Blessings and prayers.

    1. Thanks Robbie! I don’t like tight close places either – even more than wide open.. It’s only living in the very middle that is odd to me – I like the “boundary of the town I’m in and surrounding area – but I never know my NSEW because of the ability to just go far in any direction. Always had an ocean to help with directions. LOL I crack myself up and get some weird looks from locals.

  4. hmmm…don’t know if I could relate to the wide open space phobia…never been out in the open….you know I’m a city girl….let’s see, the closest can relate is Pennsylvania???? lolololol….but you made me chuckle, because I’m sure I’d feel the same…(being as we are so much alike in so many ways..lol)…
    really enjoyed this one, tried to imagine myself in your shoes (felt the panic, and pictured pat with his calm serious face answering you..lololo) that was cracking me up….who knows why? just made me chuckle picturing you two… 😛

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