Gnomes, Take Heed!

A while ago I wrote about Garden Gnomes………

You can read that post here: Liberate the Gnomes

Since then I receive hand made greeting cards from a daughter where gnomes are plastered over a good piece of card stock.  It’s all in good humor.

The other day she text me a photo.  It is now my favorite of all time.  If you aren’t going to “Liberate Your Gnomes” then this may need to happen:



cate b


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9 thoughts on “Gnomes, Take Heed!”

  1. Hah. This is probably your favourite pic ever, huh? Love both your posts on gnomes…..

  2. you crack me up!! that’s a way cool picture! I love how your daughter-in-law and you are so tight! you’re very blessed….must be the gnomes watching over you lololol

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