So Long, Farewell

In two days we will have moved all our worldly goods out of the KCMO area.  It was a great tour of duty. Moving is exciting to me and exhausting.  It also stirs up all kinds of emotions.

Our last five and half years in this location has been very good, yet very hard in some ways.  I think we felt a bit lost at times.  Trying to find that fit.  Seems that most of the organizations we tried to fit into just didn’t fit quite right.  And that is part of life.  And that is okay.  For the most part we saw the “ill-fit” and moved on.  A couple of things we left scratching our heads, a bit bewildered.  But no worries, we picked ourselves up and dusted our selves off and moved on.

Now, we move physically as well.  It will be a very good thing for us and our family.  But leaving from one town to another stirs up some things for me.  When we left the east coast to come to the mid-west we left family, friends, memories of good and hard times.  All that was stirred up in me the other day.  Memories of a great family loss –

It’s odd how our minds and hearts get stirred up at times.  I like it, actually.  Even the painful ones.  They are strangely dear to me.  The memories are a part of me.

So, this is a time to reflect, a time to start anew, a time to look for all the opportunities and adventures the good Lord has for us.

the old mid-west
the old mid-west

I will be off the grid until next week when I look forward to telling you of our new adventures.  Have a great week, Dear Readers.


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17 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell”

  1. Cate I have just been taken back in time to your twelve chapters. My younger brother died many years in a car crash. And I always wondered how my mum and dad’s life changed. They too were committed Christians. And on the surface both grieved and moved on with dignity, but I cannot remember being allowed “in” during the months and years which followed. Your chapters gave me an insight into something of how they must also have continued to slowly step forwards. Thank you – reading was remarkably moving..

    And I wish you every joy in your move. May God keep His great big pie filled arms around you all.

    1. Paul – thank you so much for your words of encouragement and love. 😀 Best help I can get……
      I am so sorry you and your family had to know such loss.

  2. Can’t wait to hear your new adventures…….am sure it’ll be a great move for you!

  3. Are you moving house Cate? I dread packing and unpacking even a small luggage but I’m excited to find out your new adventures 😀

      1. I just posted a comment on the previous post but it is not registering! Dang the slow internet. Oh it must be real exciting to find new playgrounds and make new friends. Will be waiting for your updates 😀

          1. The comment couldn’t get through. Kept saying no data available. And to think that we are living in a fast track country! Anyway, I am feeling your excitement 😀

  4. am so excited for you guys! I know this is a great move for you, and you’re going to “fit”…somehow you and the younger folk click…and you’ll be around many being this close to the campus now right? enjoy this new season my dear friend, we never know what’s around the corner waiting in excitement to show up!!! take your time unpacking, getting settled and then let us all know about all your adventures…be blessed dear friend…much love and good vibes being sent your way to you and yours 😉

  5. We’ve moved several times in our 40 year marriage and I know it can be bittersweet– I know people you are leaving behind will miss you! Praying for wonderful times with family ahead, for settling it comfortably and happily into your new space, for unexpected adventures… God Bless Cate.

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