Frogs and Skinks

Here are a couple of photos from The Burg.  Water Lilies are taking over this pond. I heard the frogs plop into the water when I approached.  Hopefully I will be able to get some photos of them.

And the elusive Blue-tailed Skink……. no photos yet.  I have to be patient (not a strong suit) and quiet and ever ready with camera or phone.

Unpacking is progressing nicely now.  I will post soon about the journey so far.  Until then, Dear Readers, have a great weekend.

Water Lilies Everywhere
Water Lilies Everywhere


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13 thoughts on “Frogs and Skinks”

  1. WOW! love the pics! how beautiful…i hope you get pics when the lilies bloom (or did they already)? and catching the frogs in action should be fun! enjoy your beautiful new place, i’m sure you’ll keep uncovering great things there! keep that camera handy!

  2. Missing you on here, but am glad to know someone else is knee-deep in boxes! Am in same boat!

  3. My boxes from 3 years ago are still intact, lol… Also patience is not my virtue. Glad you’re settling down nicely and looking forward to frogs! 😀

      1. My move from Melbourne back to Singapore. I also have boxes from 2010 from when I was living in Dubai still unpacked. Guess those are things I don’t have a need till today, lol…

  4. Sounds like you’re getting settled bit by bit. I’m glad for the promise of more about your “journey”– love to hear all that’s going on….

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