Autumn is still here but the trees and the colors have definitely transitioned to a wintry look.  Sad in a lot of ways, but still beautiful.

These pictures were taken in Knob Noster State Park .  We were the only two people there.  I love that, but I feel like people are missing out on great views of nature and fresh air.  Oh well, I can call it my park 😉


cate b

16 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Selah Vita

    these pix are beautiful…i love that lake…it looks like it has so much depth…glad you and pat enjoyed your day together looking at God’s amazing creation…maybe it was His plan to give you guys your own “special” time enjoying His beauty…what a gift… 😉

  2. Sam Han

    I love winter but not the cold. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Lol… I like the scene and everything, life tend to slow down a little (because of the cold?) and the year end festivities make everyone less edgy. I could be wrong, hehehe…

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