All the Fields Are Brown and The Sky is Gray

The winter has set in here, in The Burg.  Today we went for a drive.  We have been socked-in with clouds for about a month, or so it seems.  The sun is scarce and this is unusual.

Once the beautiful colors of autumn have finished their glorious display of plumage, the browns and grays set in.  Not a lot of color here that I have found.

Here is what I found today:


cate b

Author: Cate B

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18 thoughts on “All the Fields Are Brown and The Sky is Gray”

    1. Jhanis – thank you so much – I love to take photos and I am such a beginner….. you encourage me. 😀
      Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  1. Dear Cate, the sun is scarce in Poland as well. Dark days, short days, no snow, windy and rainy. Yet despite all this greyness I wish you deep from my heart a peaceful Holidays and all the best in 2015. Many beautiful places, moments, people, photos and posts. Light and joy. Love. Wanda

    1. Thank you so much Wanda. Such sweet words. I also wish many blessings on you and your loved ones this time of year and especially for the new year to come!
      One of my best friends married a wonderful man from Poland (he lives in US) – and she cannot wait to visit your wonderful country and family. I have only heard good things about Poland!


  2. beautiful pictures…i actually love the grays and blues,i find it to be very peaceful …looks like you’ve found a secret place to meditate on all those things you love…enjoy your peaceful walks 😉

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