Wrapping Up 2014 and the Last Five Years

Well, here we are, at the very last several hours of 2014 – it is 10:33 AM as I write this.

It has been a year for me!  My husband and I were living in another town.  An area where we moved around a few times since February of 2009.  Trying to find a place we felt safe and comfortable in.  It was big city compared to where we lived on the east coast.  Most of all we were trying to find another type of place to fit into.  Jobs, people, organizations.  Seemed that each time we got involved with something it either decided to leave the state or decided they didn’t really need us in the capacity we needed or desired with them.

Our two remaining single sons met their lovely ladies and both married while we were wandering there.  We couldn’t be happier with these new daughters.

We gained a lovely grand-daughter in 2011, another in 2013 and a great grandson in this past November!  Such joy!

Part of the wandering in our spirits involved me going to The Burg (where we presently live) four days a week to care for Lovely Lucy while her parents attended the local University full time.

Sweet Lucy.  I love her with all my heart.  They moved twice that summer and then into the University apartments – which really should be remodeled or something.  It was a tough time for the then two-year-old. Moving and then parents both going to school. Daycare was not going to work – not a great place for insecurities.  So, I, Uma, came down four days a week to love on her.

It was a tough year in some ways.  Little sister was born in October.  More insecurities for us all.  I slept on a few different beds and longed for my own.  But my heart grew more each day to stuff those two girls deep inside of me.  I know my heart grew when I had my own kids.  But when grandkids came along – my heart grew even bigger!

We knew we had to move to The Burg. We found a cute house to rent and started over again – again.

What a difference.  Our grandson, from back east, came home with us last summer and spent about month with us.  I missed him terribly when we moved to the mid-west.  He spent two weeks in our old town and helped move us to The Burg, and spent a couple of weeks there.  Such a treasured memory.  I cried when he went home.

School began in August and the two wee lassies came to my house each day.  What a difference!  Not only was I sleeping in my own bed at night, but these girls went home each day to mom and dad and you could see the happiness in their every move.  They feel our home is their second home.

Lu just spent the night last night and the maturity and security in her is astounding.  Our Lord is so good.  Kids need their routines and their family.  Nothing wrong with daycare…..but they do need to be ready for it.

So here we are, in The Burg, and the new year looks promising.  We have never felt so relaxed and at home since leaving the east.  Why did it take so long?  I look back and see a time of waiting, a time of preparing.  We don’t always see it while we are in it.  But once things begin to fall into place those times of waiting and wondering begin to fade away.  They were important and necessary. I believe that all we do is for us to grow and become better.  Not bitter.  Better.  To me, it is part of Hope.  Hope is real.

As I enter this New Year I am excited for what my journey holds.  I wish for you all to look at your life as a journey.  It makes those tough times a bit easier.  It is all for us to grow as human beings, to be better humans.  When things hit you, stop and look at them.  You, at that very moment, have a choice.  Will you choose  to be better or bitter?  Will you choose to glean all you can from the situations?   It doesn’t always make it easier and rarely do the issues go away.  Just choose to go through to the end.  It will end.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year – 2015 – may you prosper in all areas of your life!



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16 thoughts on “Wrapping Up 2014 and the Last Five Years”

  1. You are a treasure for those children. Many years ago when I was working and my children were at primary school, there was a wonderful Dutch lady who acted as a grandmother for them. My parents were too far away. I will never forget that lovely lady, particularly as one of my children was not the easiest…

  2. Fun to hear the summary– a lot has happened in 5 years!! –and what will the next 5 be like? But it seems like you’ve really found you place. So glad the grand-girls have you at arms length. Hope yo have a wonderful New Year ahead Cate. Love you blog. xox R

  3. What a wonderful way to start a new year … full of hope! Praying you’ll find your life overflows with God’s best for you and all those wonderful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful reflection of the past and a positive outlook of the future. Life is a journey-isn’t it? Happy New Year to you. May your year be blessed and full of joy!

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