Little Bird

Little girl

with the big round eyes



cate b


11 thoughts on “Little Bird

  1. Such a cutie. Aren’t grand children wonderful. My 9 yr old called this morning because she thought I was home. I told her I was and within 5 minutes she was sitting on my lap. It’s nice when they live close. She lives on the land next to us. Be blessed my friend.

    • thank you so much. That is very kind. I receive it – however, because of time restraints I no longer participate in the posting of awards and all that entails. But I really do, sincerely appreciate your giving.
      cate 🙂

  2. such a cutie pie, just like her sis…both have beautiful eyes…they’re mesmerizing…
    so glad you get to enjoy them…they’re a treasure to behold daily…
    love the new pic…believe it or not it reminds me of parts of jersey … enjoy your time, whatever you’re doing 😉
    oh yes, and i love love love the song (but you already knew that lol)

  3. hey cate, i think you got me mixed up with someone else…i didn’t send you the award, one of your followers did…lol. you know i don’t even know how to do awards 😛 lol

    • I know and I posted a comment to you explaining that I goofed and then I tried to correct that – LOL LOL – well, I think you understand…… Hahahaha – not so easy sometimes

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