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As some of you know, I post about the area I live in, known fondly as The Burg.  Check out some of my other explorations.

We moved here the end of July, 2014.  Small town, mid-west USA.  The Heartland of America.  I love small towns.  But I do like a little convenience.  The Burg is great is that way.  We even have a University here (UCM) and that makes for a touch of youth.

While driving out in the surrounding countryside of this area, we came across the town of Chilhowee, Missouri.  Talk about small town.

I’m sure the people in Chilhowee are wonderful people.  The mid-west is good that way.  But I do get sad when I see buildings empty – I imagine better times. Hopefully it’s a happy town.  The school there looks awesome and speaks of pride and accomplishment.

Hats off to Chilhowee!


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13 thoughts on “More Views Around The Burg”

  1. The closest town to me is Vera, Ok. It has even less people than Chilhowee with 200 and something. Most of these towns these days are made up of very old natives and people from cities that are priced out and they live on gov’t assistance. Most small towns have died but a few within them remember what they once were. I remember what Vera once was. Things keep changing.

  2. Totally agree with you, Cate on the need for “a little convenience” and a little youth. But small towns are great…I love it when everyone knows everyone else by name and you can walk to the store and let your children out on their bikes without worry……those were the days, huh? Hard to find this kind of atmosphere much anymore….when you do….grab it!

  3. I agree with you Cate about people from the midwest being wonderful people!! We have a joke (but it’s actually true) that all the nicest people we’ve met are from Wisconsin!! (and I’m sure Missouri is right up there!0

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