Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, this week, we returned from an unforgettable trip to mainland China.  It was amazing.  It was cold.  It was the Chinese New Year.

Here are of few pics I took.


cate b  here is a link to a post from last year I wrote about our trip – China Trip 

15 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago

    1. wingedprisms Post author

      Climbing the Great Wall. I MEAN CLIMB! Our son booked it and it wasn’t the normal “tourist” trip. We were in the middle of nowhere (so it seemed) and the steps were – well, not consistent – and we lived at sea level and as you can see, there were mountains. Our lungs were in agony and we walked about 6 miles. But so glad we did it – next time…. the tourist area. 😀

  1. Deborah

    My trip to that area was 11 years ago! In May. It was that trip with visits to other places in Asia that ultimately led to my 6 years here. 🙂 Nice to be reminded of that time.

  2. Rhonda Sittig

    Love these pics Cate!! Made me miss China! Our daughter-in-law and the 3 grand girls are there right now celebrating with her parents. Reading the comments too– sounds like you had an exciting trip!!

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