Watching the Tide

I just love taking photos.  I am a beginner by all means.  I have been running from editing photos, mostly because I’m cheap and also because I do not understand the apps.

But today I found a simple and affordable one that I am trying out. So you, Dear Readers, are here to see my first edit – whatever that means.  This was taken a few years ago in Cape May County, New Jersey.  The original was grayer…….


cate b



14 thoughts on “Watching the Tide

    1. wingedprisms Post author

      I am trying Acorn 4 – I can try it for free and the tutorials are great. Simple. I do believe I will purchase. Gimp is free but too much for my brain. LOL

      1. Julia Manuel

        Gimp is crazy, too much fir me too. Just thought I’d put it out there that Snapseed (my fav) and PicMonkey are AWESOME. Snapseed is free on your phone which is where I use it most. PicMonkey for my laptop & Nikon pix is like $2.50 Cdn a month – super cheap and fun to use free one month trial ☺

        1. becca givens

          Gimp is crazy for me too! 😀 PicMonkey is my usual go-to … to get ALL features there is a Royal version, but you can do a good amount with the free edition! Great photo, Cate!

  1. Jen

    My two favourite iphone editing apps are Filterstorm and Camera+. they used to be free but I think they cost now.
    AND this song is one of my top 5 favourite songs ever ❤ Thank you for adding it!!

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