Old Drum Festival – Happenings Around The Burg

The Old Drum Festival……. no drums to be found.  However, the story of the dog, Old Drum, is what put The Burg on a map…… maybe.  Here is part of a short article about the true story of Old Drum:

“Old Drum, a hound dog, was shot dead in 1869 by Samuel “Dick” Ferguson, nephew and ward of Leonidas Hornsby, an irate neighbor who thought Drum had been killing his sheep.”

Every year, in April, the Old Drum Festival happens, whether I go or not.  This year was my first year.  It is held in the original site of the  town.  Stop getting so excited, Dear Reader!  The festival appeared to be only a block, maybe two, long.  A few vendors, a band was setting up, a bouncy thingy for the kiddies, corn dogs and fennel cakes…………….

See for yourself…….


And there you have it!  Another day in The Burg.  The weather was perfect! You can read more on Old Drum here


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13 thoughts on “Old Drum Festival – Happenings Around The Burg”

  1. Lovely little one there, Cate! Also, looks like a nice day in The Burg! It must be alot warmer there than it is here! Isn’t it nice, though, to finally get some downtime and be able to get outside for a bit?

    1. It certainly is Torrie! While the Festival was nothing to write home about, the sun and warm breeze was perfect! It’s coming your way……

      1. Oh, thank you, Cate. Surprisingly, we’ve been rain free all day and the forecast has changed again and now states we will be rain free tomorrow. I’m almost beginning to think there’s hope! 😉

  2. thanks for sharing these little diddiies about the Burg…makes one feel like we belong and get to enjoy the lovely scenery…it’s nice to see how others surrounding are…and is your granddaughter getting big! where’d the time go? she’s adorable…enjoy the great weather!

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