The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

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Forgiveness is a one-way street. Reconciliation is a two-way street. This means that it is possible to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply without restoring your relationship with that person.

As I have been studying the topic of forgiveness for the past three years, I have made a few mistakes along the way: one big mistake, in particular. I would like to share my big mistake with you as a means of explaining the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.

Throughout the process of writing Throwing Stones I was often challenged by my own conscience to keep clean records of forgiveness. I felt like it would be hypocritical to advocate forgiveness and not to pursue it in my own life to the best of my ability. There were a few people in my life who were like sand paper: some of them provided constant sloughing away of my patience, thus…

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5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation.”

  1. Since before the loss of my daughter Kelly I have had a dangerous and abusive relationship with a neighbor of mine. I have placed this in Jesus’s hands totally a while back. It has been very painful along with the grieving process. After reading this article Cate it has finally sunk in that there can be restoration without relationship with him. I forgave him and I pray for him and his family. I don’t allow myself to feel or talk badly about him. This leaves me open to the attacks to my own worth in Christ. I will remain in obedience to what Jesus calls me to do and live in freedom and wholeness. Thanks do much for sharing this with us. Many have been damaged through abuse and trauma. Setting boundaries it’s a must.

    Much love Tom

    1. Ah Tom. So good of you to post this. You are right. So many of us need to hear this. I’m about to have coffee with author. It will encourage her to know how her words touched you.
      Much love to you also 😀

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