School Days!

Well this coming Monday is the beginning of a new school year in The Burg.  The University of Central Missouri begins classes and I begin watching my wee grand girls once again.

Am I ready?  Well, it depends what perspective you take.  I think I’ll take God’s perspective and just love on them.  It’s the best I can give them and me.

This year the oldest – four years old – will be gong to a pre-school, in September, a few days a week.  I think she will enjoy that and that means Penny June and I can bond deeper.

I love the transitional period when school begins for all ages.  I love driving through campus and seeing the parents carrying refrigerators and boxes and bedding and sad faces trying to look happy when they say good bye to the children.  I don’t take pleasure in their conflict but I am excited for the students and sad for the parents.  I had many tears when we drove away from our kids. 😦

Our campus here just opened new dorms overlooking the football field and a Starbucks (for those who have yet to experience real coffee) and a Spin Pizza – all open to the public for all to enjoy!

University of Central Missouri - store
University of Central Missouri – store
New dorms and shops - UCM
New dorms and shops – UCM

Any of you have university campuses in your town?

What are your experiences?


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8 thoughts on “School Days!”

  1. Beginnings and endings and magical moments, eh Cate? Somehow I’ve always seemed to run on the school year calendar rather than the calendar year….wonder if that will change once my last one leaves the nest in a few years……..

    Enjoy those grandbabies….different stages even for them… happily cuddling in the nest and the other starting to spread her little wings…..

    1. I think I love summer so much because of school calendar. Lol. Seems we had a few years of real calendar and now back to school. We’ll see how this year goes……

  2. i do remember the dropping and picking up…it’s hard…
    it’s sweet of you to be there for the kids, while enjoying the grandbabes too…you’re good at that…
    enjoy the new season…i’m sure your bond with penny june will be amazing 😉

  3. Hi Cate– fun post. Made me remember when we took our oldest off to college. He didn’t want us to make a big fuss– so we took a few pictures and left him in his dorm room. But on the way back to the car I saw a cute blond coed hugging her dad good-bye and crying and it made me get weepy and cry all the way home!!
    We do have 2 colleges in Fullerton next door to our town– but they are both large, mostly commuter schools. Not much traditional college life going on.
    Well– have fun with your girls!! (we have the grand-girls for a few days this week– they are watching Mulan and eating pop corn before bed right now). xo

  4. Beginning of ever school year is always both chaotic and exciting for me and the kids! But we are almost in the middle of the school year over here so it’s just chaos all the time, especially getting the 4yo ready for school and dropping her off. LOL

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