Around The Burg – Again…….

As I have posted before, The Burg is a small town in the mid-west.  It happens to be the county seat.  One of the treasures in this area are the other towns surrounding us.  Some are in the same county and some are not.  But most are only between eight and 30 miles away.

I went to Leeton, MO a week ago and went back the other day with my camera.  Leeton is quite small with a population of a little over five hundred people.  The buildings from down town are awesome, but sadly, vacant or used as housing, I think.  I always feel sad when small town America is no more.

I’ll let the images talk.  Please know that the last photos are something I do not understand totally or agree with.  I’m sure (hopeful) that the resident is not totally aware of how this affects others.  Especially when you read some history of the town and how the founder served in the Union Army for several years.  Also, given the recent occurrences of racial tension in our nation (or should I say ongoing?) I can’t help but think this is a problem……

Enough of that.  Enjoy the photos.  I love this area of our country.

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5 thoughts on “Around The Burg – Again…….”

  1. Great photos. Even the one with the Confederate flags. It’s poignant to have the flag in your side mirror, leaving it behind. Freedom of speech and expression is an American value. I’m grateful you included the photo in your post, even if you don’t agree. I think that’s very American too. We don’t always have to agree, but we give our neighbors their right to express themselves. I commend you.

    1. Thank you Wendy. Your words are encouraging. And yes, it is ok to agree to disagree, as “they”say…… I love America and it is alright to express ourselves – the American way…… Thank you for reading and your comment is welcome. 😀

  2. Good shots Cate. I enjoy nastoligia . Old towns, shoot old anything. Heck I am getting old I geuss that’s why. I have a Nikon D300s and love photography. I particularly liked the old gas station and Pepsi signs. I noticed the limestone foundations as well. Thanks for sharing them with us. You ever shoot any ghost towns?
    Joy to you

  3. good pics Cate. you wield the camera well !
    it’s sad when you see the old towns fall asleep and not wake up again (my way of seeing it, so it’s never final)…
    you captured what was the heart of our country and i love that…though one day maybe more will awaken to the new spirit arising…maybe they’ll hear the sound of what America is, still in her heart.
    thanks for sharing the pics with us, i imagine us sitting over a nice cup of tea, chatting about the things we love, being nostalgia and such… 😉

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