More Sunflowers

I posted the other day Field of Dreams.  I loved seeing the sunflowers so much that I packed up a lunch and diapers and potty chair and husband and took our grand daughters to see them.

The pictures say it all.


cate b


12 thoughts on “More Sunflowers

  1. it’s great seeing the girls enjoying nature’s beauty so much! isn’t it wonderful being there watching their little faces glow in the face of all those sunflowers? beautiful pics of the sunflowers and the girls…enjoy watching them grow and experiences life’s small treasures 😉

  2. How beautiful Cate! It must be nice to live near such beautiful scenery! The last time I’ve seen sunflowers in the field was over 20 years ago! Yikes!

    • I have to say that when we first moved to The Middle – away from ocean air I was a bit unnerved – but the beauty is unique and simple and wide open spaces. 😀 Thank you Jhanis

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