Mid-West Skies

Since we moved to the mid-west I never get tired of looking at the vastness of the sky.  I know the sky can be seen almost anywhere but when you spend years of marveling at the ocean, as I did, and you move to where there is no ocean, the sky becomes your ocean.  It is amazing.

Today I was struck with the clear quality and the deep blue…….

“Your unfailing love, O LORD, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.”  Psalm 36:5

IMG_2538 IMG_2542

Enjoy!  And USA (states that do this) don’t forget to fall back one hour when you go to bed tonight! 😀

cate b

6 thoughts on “Mid-West Skies

  1. realchange4u

    Not sure if you will get this link Cate. It’s the old song blue sky’s. By Wille Nelson. When I seen you blue sky that’s what came to mind. Beautiful blue skies.

    Peace Cate


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