Let’s Have Another Cuppa………..

A fellow blogger started posting “if we were having coffee……….” on her blog site now and then.  She starts off by stating the above and goes off from there about what you would possibly talk about.  I thought it was such a great idea.

Since I like my site to be a place that is homey and warm I thought I’d do that now and then from the standpoint of what I stated in my “About” page: “I call this “Let’s Have Another Piece of Pie” because to me, pie represents more than a piece of incredible sweetness, but a moment of bliss with people you love.  It brings to me a type of peace that flows and flutters around a room of nostalgia and contemplative thoughts – even if I’m alone at the moment.  Add a piece of good home-made pie to those moments and you’ve got a recipe for joy!”

With that in mind, I actually made a pie yesterday.  A savory pie.  A Chicken Pot Pie as we call them in the USA.

So, if you came to my house, I would set a place for you and cut you a great piece of this pie and I would tell you how happy I am to have you with me.  I would also tell you how I tend to be a homebody and rarely make the initiative to get together with people that I love.  That is a downfall for me.  But when I get together I just love it and reflect back on what a great time I had and my heart gets encouraged by the company.

I would pour you another cup of coffee or tea and ask how you have been.  I really want to know.  And how about those Kansas City Royals?

I would not bring up politics and hope that you wouldn’t – that just gets me in a tizzy!

More pie?  Then I would tell you about my grand daughters that I care for while the kids attend University.  I would tell you that I love being a part of their upbringing and giving them a safe and secure second home.  I would also tell you that it is hard and some days I feel like I’m not doing anything for the greater good.

I know you would comfort me and encourage me and I would be looking forward to more times like this together with you.

So, next time I may just make a sweet pie.  So much more fun with coffee.  Thank you for coming by…….


cate b

Author: Cate B

I'm a writer/blogger. I am in love with Creation and especially THE Creator. He is my best friend. I love to write and I love to bake – especially pie – and I love to crochet – among other creative things…….. I am passionate about the potential I see in others…….. I want to help them get there.

36 thoughts on “Let’s Have Another Cuppa………..”

  1. Oh, Cate, that pie looks awesome! You must send me your recipe! And I love that you’re adopting this feature into your blog, I’ve been considering jumping on board myself! Will definitely be looking forward to these posts!

      1. Hah! Cate! You made a punny! You “winged” a “chicken” pot pie?! Get it?! You’re punny!

  2. Dang thats a good looking shepherds pie. MMMMMMMM!!!! cut me a slice or better yet give me a spoon. Wow Cate hanging out at your house is great. You hang in there with those precious grand babies gal, you and hubby are doing all the good. Such sweet memories for all of you. I remember saying with my grandparents and it was always hotdogs. I enjoyed my stay but I am full and have to get home.

    Much love Tom

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    I really enjoy these prompts because of what it seems to draw out of bloggers. Coffee or pie… whatever gets the words flowing! Great post and those pies look excellent! -OM
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  4. I really like it when a piece of writing like yours, coupled with your wonderful photos, reminds me of a piece of surprised happiness from my past. My husband’s grandmother, born in 1900 in Canada, had a habit I did not know about until we travelled together. She would always want to stop at a coffee shop and have a piece of pie and coffee. Then she would chat with the people in the shop. It was so out of my cultural upbringing, and I was so surprised the first time it happened. I loved it, and of course, now she is gone, but your post brings back memories of this time with her. It was something I had totally forgotten about. (and of course the song lyrics, “let’s have another piece of pie” have always stayed in my head, now I want to find them on the internet)

    1. Thank you Carol for sharing this special memory. What a wonderful person your Grandmother was. Thank you also for the follow – looking forward to seeing you again – for pie perhaps 🙂

  5. Love PIE, Sis!! (In Christ), love the coffee with it too!!! What an awesome concept, fellowship after all helps us to actively love one another unconditionally and to actually get to know each other. After all, our Heavenly Father wants that kind of relationship with us through His Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit and He’s the best example, so be it!!! 😉
    I have a page for the list of Blogs I Follow because WordPress’ widget is too short!! I am going to place your page on that list also and hopefully others will find your site as well!! Will be back after a bit to read some more and I truly enjoyed your article on Church Set Free! God bless you Sis for your service to the Lord and to all of us and those who pass through your pages!! Keep the faith, and fight the good fight, in Christ Jesus’ name–Amen!!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your pie looks delish! I am glad to find another person using the prompt to start their writing.

    I have used it several times and it makes writing easier for me and it’s fun! Thanks for sharing.

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